Places to Visit in Manchester NH

Places to Visit in Manchester NH
interesting places to visit in New Hampshire
Looking for places to visit in Manchester NH?

Manchester NH does have a typical New England vibe with friendly locals and a small town charm. You could say that Manchester New Hampshire is a city geared towards families with kids because of the many educational centers and attractions focused on kids, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, there are also plenty of cultural attractions such as museums and attractions that all ages can enjoy.
Below, you have both family-geared attractions and other interesting attractions you can explore in Manchester NH:

Currier Museum of Art

The Currier Museum is one of the best examples of cultural attractions in Manchester NH where you can see a variety of interesting art work on display such as modern paint works, Flemish tapestry works, glass works, interesting sculptures and even a chance to explore the famed Zimmerman House which still preserves artifacts belonging to Lucille Zimmerman.

Space Center

The Space Center is located outside of Manchester's downtown area and located near the Southern New Hampshire University. The Space Center is a cool attraction you can visit with kids where the whole family can have a fun time. The Space Center has something on offer for all ages like laser tag, kiddies play areas, rides and arcade games.

New Hampshire Institute of Art

If you’re an art buff and want to check out artists at work, the New Hampshire Institute of Art is another place you can’t miss visiting.

The Institute of Art is college located on Amherst St near Victoria Park and it’s open to the public for individual tours, though only by appointment. You’ll be able to see the college’s facilities such as student’s workshops and the various galleries.

SEE Science Center

The See Science Center is probably one of the best places to visit in Manchester NH where the kids can truly be kids and interact with other kids. At the center, the little ones can enjoy interactive activities like Lego-building, moon jumps and other cool activities.

Centre Franco-American

The Centre Franco-American is another great cultural attraction in Manchester where you can learn about Franco-American heritage in the city and attend fun events such as ‘Movie Nights’ on Tuesdays. You can also check out cool and unique Franco- American art works at the center.

Palace Theatre

If you’re looking for an evening out with friends or family, the Palace Theater is another of the places to visit in Manchester NH where you can enjoy a fun and pleasant evening out. The theater is located on Hanover St and does mainly medium-size production shows, though these shows are varied ranging from comedy shows to kid friendly shows.

Millyard Museum

The Millyard Museum is one of the most important museums in the city since it’s housed on a historic mill. If you’re visiting the city for a short stay or on a day trip, the Millyard Musuem should be a high priority on the list of places to visit in Manchester NH.

The exhibits housed at the Millyard are amazing and they include interesting Native American artifacts, war memorabilia, mill machinery, etc. This place is truly educational and engaging that even kids will be kept busy here.

McIntyre Ski Area

The McIntyre Ski Area in Derryfield Park is another fun family attraction that you can add to the list of places to visit in Manchester NH. The ski area offers ski lessons and it is cool attraction to visit if you fancy hitting the slopes during your stay in Manchester NH.

Valley Cemetery

The Valley Cemetery is located adjacent Stanton Park and it’s another great attraction that offers interesting sightseeing opportunities.

The cemetery boasts large 18th century headstones and beautiful mausoleums that you can check out, but if you want to know more about the history behind them the cemetery offers guided tours during the summer and fall seasons.

Amoskeag Fishways Visitors Center

A couple of blocks further south from the Valley Cemetery, you’ll find the Amoskeag Fishways Visitors Center. This place is a great educational center where adults and kids alike can learn about the Merrimack River through fun and interactive exhibits.

The Amoskeag Center runs also all kinds of yearly and regular events that you can attend such as viewing live migrating fish during fish season (between May-June).

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