Start The New Year As You Mean To Go On - In France!

Whilst there are some people who wouldn't dream of being out of the country on New Year's Eve, there are other people who know that it's the perfect time to travel. Why ring in 2014 with constant drizzle, rising energy prices and a killer flu? You could be living it up in France, instead. It's the ideal place for a New Year's trip - there's plenty of wine, the sun is shining and the food is extraordinary.

If you're looking to start the new year as you mean to go on, why not do it in France? There are lots of different regions to choose from. You could spend lazy afternoons on the beach in Cannes. Or you could enjoy the countryside in Avignon or Provence. Don't forget Paris - there is always something extremely cool going on there. France can be a million and one different things, to a million and one different people. Here's a guide to starting the new year in this beautiful, vibrant country.

Wine & Dine @ Provence

Provence is one of the most unique rural regions of France. It’s home to a series of breathtakingly beautiful limestone cliffs that run along the Mediterranean coast, between the towns of Cassis and Marseille. This region is famous for its bursts of colour, and the winter months are no exception. 

The winters here are actually quite mild, so don't worry about it being too cold. It does snow sometimes, but the weather is generally quite crisp and balmy, says Yahoo journalist Ron Engeldinger. The now famous Château de Beaucastel is one of the top vineyard estates in the region. The nearby Château la Canorgue was used as a location in Ridley Scott’s 2006 film A Good Year, so you know that it has to be a beautiful place to spend time.

Live Like A Star @ Cap Ferrat

If your new year is lacking in glamour, get yourself down to Cap Ferat. It is one of the most wealthy and luxurious regions in France. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rumoured to have indulged in a bit of late night skinny dipping in Cap Ferrat just a few years ago, say 

If the most famous couple in the world can get naked on the beach without being photographed, you know it must be an exclusive area. The Paloma Page is popular with divers on account of its crystal clear waters and beautiful, shallow bays. A lot of places in this region are invitation only, but there are just as many public restaurants, beaches, cafes, bars and nightclubs. A reliable company like Chez Nous can advise you on the best accommodation available in the area.

Making Friends @ Brittany

Brittany is considered to be one of the friendliest places in France, so you might want to make some time for mingling. It's also a superb region to hike and cycle through - if you can face the prospect of festive exercise. 

One of the best walking tours in the region stretches from Rennes (the Breton capital) to the walled city of St-Malo, says Telegraph expert Greg Ward. The route follows Brittany's canal system so it’s very green and very attractive. You’re free to stop off at historic sites likeHédé’s 11 locks, or the medieval town of Dinan. In fact, Dinan regularly plays host to open air dances and medieval style parades. It’s an interesting place to stop off for a meal and a glass of wine.

Author Bio: James Cook is a journalism student and a keen Francophile. For the very best deals on holiday accommodation in France, he recommends He is currently studying for an MA in French literature and plans to spend the new year in Provence.

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