Attending A Festival Is A Superb Way To Spice Up Your Vacation!

Aside from visiting the usual landmarks and souvenir stores, attending a festival is a superb way to spice up your vacation while soaking in local culture. Below are four festivals

Day of Romantic Music, The Netherlands
The Day of Romantic Music, or as it known in the homeland Deg van de Romantische Muziek is the oldest and largest classical music festival in Rotterdam. It was established in 1986 and at first, it was just a simple event with only one stage. The location of Het Park is very symbolic: in the XIX century, a famous composer Franz Liszt performed here. A hundred years later the park became a place where young and experienced musicians can demonstrate their talents and play iconic or contemporary classics. During the past 30 years, the festival has grown into a fancy occasion that attracts locals and tourists which made it a symbol of Rotterdam. In 2018, the event takes place on 18 August.

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng, Thailand
Do you know this cute and famous tradition to launch flying lanterns into the night sky? It originates from Thailand and takes place in late November, in the full moon according to the traditional Thai lunar calendar. There are two resembling holidays. The first is Loi Krathong when the locals and tourists make small baskets decorated with flowers with candles inside and launch them on the river. Another holiday that coincides with Loi Krathong is Yi Peng. Thousands of people launch lanterns into the air. They fly far away and fill the whole night sky with light which creates a spectacular scene. Regardless it looks very romantic, in fact, the lights stand for the enlightenment of Buddha and their float looks like letting go negative spirits. In 2018, the holiday is on 23 of November.

Earth Garden, Malta
Famous open-air music festivals can be romantic and memorable for enamored couples. The annual event Earth Garden proves it since 2007. It takes place on a paradisiacal island country Malta that’s surrounded by waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The secret of its romantic atmosphere is the musical lineup that consists of non-mainstream performers in different genres: trance, ambient, dub, reggae, psychedelic rock, and many more. The sunny summer weather and unique feeling of freedom that brings everyone closer make this festival so good you can’t miss it. Be there on 31 May – 3 June in 2018.

Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival, Norway
What makes the loud and rebellious rock festival with the greatest alternative lineup so special? The point is not only in music genres but also in a location. Bukta Festival takes place in Norway and you know what does the northern cold nature looks like. Every year, music lovers from all over the world come to one of the most beautiful and popular beaches and park area called Telegrafbukta. The location is surrounded by snow-covered mountains so the visitors can enjoy the beauty of Norwegian landscapes. Furthermore, Bukta usually takes place in July. For this time and area, the nights without darkness are typical. So, the music lovers can observe the nature and listen to their favorite bands in lights of the midnight sun. This year, the fest invites everyone on 19-21 July.

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Looking for spring break cruises – tips to help you plan your next cruise

Planning a spring break cruise is a lot easier than meets the eye. Such unique, fun, and memorable trips are highly preferred by teens and college students eager to let loose following their mid-term exams. There are lots of amazing destinations you can choose, both within your home country and overseas. Before packing your bags though, you might want to have a plan in mind. Preparation is the key to having an unforgettable spring break cruise vacation. Here are some tips to help ensure you don’t come back home penniless.

Deciding on a cruise line

Spring break with your closest friends and spring break with your loved ones are two different types of vacations. Before deciding on a cruise line, you have to know as much information as possible about the services they advertise. Perform a thorough research before getting started, and then narrow down your choices by checking cruise reviews from past customers. This way you’ll be able to understand the company a bit better. Client satisfaction is very important, as the whole purpose of the trip is to have fun and not worry about anything else.

Decide on a spending limit

The next thing to do is settle on a spending limit. Cruising the ocean doesn’t mean you won’t have expenses, and after a couple of Mai Tais and a stop in a fancy port, swiping your credit card to buy all kinds of things becomes incredibly easy. If you’re worried about wasting cash, the smartest thing to do is have a spending limit. On board, you will still have to swipe a card to buy drinks, food, gamble at the casino, and check into the spa for a relating massage. Sadly, when your card has a limit, if you run out of cash no additional charges are allowed. Set a limit before departure, and have a daily spending ratio to make sure you don’t overspend.

On spring break, cruise trips can get very crowded. If you don’t book your place in advance, you might end up paying a lot more, not to mention that you may come across sold out tickets. Rather than take that risk and watch your friends’ photos from their cruise on Facebook, it’s best to make reservations ahead of time. Also, as soon as your trip has been booked, get to know what services on the ship can be reserved, too. For example, you can book a massage, meal at a restaurant, etc. You are advised to make reservations even when the services are free of charge.

Make plans for port excursions with others

Cruises are trips that should be spent with as many people as possible, especially if you’re in your 20s and you want to have fun. If you want to party like a maniac on a beach when the ship is ashore, consult with your peers in advance, and make plans to meet with them. Many ships stop in ports with beautiful beaches, restaurants, and cabanas. Ask around and find out where the biggest crowd is going.

However, if you just want to relax and be alone with a loved one, you can just rent a car and explore the premises. Read about the places your ship will dock, and check to see if they have a travel guide that sets group excursions. Book your place in advance, and have the best time of your life!
Pack proper clothing

Whenever we think of a cruise, we immediately imagine the ocean, warm weather, and lots of sun. Pack proper clothes, but remember that you might also have to deal with unexpected weather conditions. Apart from bikinis, hats and sunscreen, add a sweater or jacket for rainy days. Furthermore, you might need an extra pair of shoes that are not flip-flops. Pack sneakers, too, as in some ports you may come across hills and mountains. Hiking in flip-flops can be dangerous!

Whether you’re cruising the Caribbean or circling around the Greek Islands on spring break, it’s very important to plan your trip accordingly. A cruise is totally different from a conventional holiday to Poland, for example. At sea, everything is different – the scenery, the amenities, the activities. Make your trip memorable by crafting a plan to help you make the most of every second.

Warsaw: Is it the latest classic destination to visit in Eastern Europe?

When you visit Poland, you can’t afford to skip out its capital city, which indeed has plenty stories to tell. The medieval city of Warsaw, which is also the country’s most inhabited with 1.7 million residents, is currently the center for Poland’s commerce, tourism and history. A distinct feature of the city is its diverse architecture which beautifully combines postwar era structures and modern edifice. The architectural mix can be explained by the destruction that took place in the country during the end of World War II. At that time, the city was destroyed completely by the German Nazis. Over the years, the city has managed to rise and restore its former glory.

Nowadays, it has a few of the old structures intact with some monuments and historic districts serving as points of interests for history buffs. The city also boasts of exciting modern landmarks, excellent restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. Here are some of the top attractions worth checking out during your trip to Warsaw.

Old Town

Strolling along the streets of the Old Town gives you a peek of what it was like to live in Warsaw during the early years. The streets are dotted with Renaissance buildings, ancient courtyards, and historic statues. However, it’s important to know that since most of the Old Town’s original structures were destroyed during the World War, what you’ll see here are products of city restoration projects. Still, with its unique charm, historic feel, and relaxing atmosphere, the place surely provides a good break from the bustling city center.

The Royal Route Stunning sights can be seen while walking along the Royal Route. Aptly named, the route is filled with historic landmarks such as castles that used to serve as home for royal families. The first stops for most tourists are the Royal Castle and the Castle Square. Other places to see include Presidential Palace,

Foksal Street, Square of the Three Kings, New World Street, St. Anne’s Church, Kazimierz Palace, Ujazdów Castle, and Wilanow.
Warsaw Rising Museum

In August 1944, the Polish resistance army under the Operation Tempest sought out to liberate Warsaw from the German Nazis. For 63 days, they battled against the Germans with little support from their allies only to be defeated in the end. In 2004, the Warsaw Rising Museum was opened as tribute for what is considered the “largest single military any European resistance movement during the World War II”. The museum houses an extensive collection of war memorabilia such as photographs, interactive displays and video footage. On the Memorial Wall, you’ll see the names of the 10,000 people who perished during the uprising.

Lazienki Park

Take a breather from the heart-wrenching historical glimpses and visit the Lazienki Park, Warsaw’s very own green respite. It’s where people go to if they want some peace and quiet in the city. Like any other city park, it has a stunning lake, some clusters of trees, under which you could have a picnic, an amphitheater where concerts are held, and many other interesting attractions.
Chopin Museum

Polish pianist and composer Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin was Warsaw’s most famous resident. It was where he studied music and even held some of his first concerts. Many places in the city commemorate his genius talent. One of these is the Chopin Museum, which is where you’ll find the largest collection of Chopin memorabilia. The museum was renovated in 2010 to mark his 200th birthday.

Featured in this list are some of Warsaw’s top attractions, but of course, your trip should not be limited to these. Other destinations worth considering for your vacation are the Copernicus Science Centre, PGE National Stadium, The Vistula, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, National Museum in Warsaw, and Palace of Culture and Science.

In the mood for a classic trip to Europe? Well then, a holiday to Poland might just be what you need to relax. The country’s history, customs and traditions, and welcoming people will surely appeal to all your senses. Warsaw, in particular, is outstanding. The architectural wonders spread everywhere, and the cultural attractions make the city unique and genuine in every sense of the word.

Nine Things to Consider When Planning Your Dream Trek in the Himalayas

Are you one of the numerous people dreaming of one day getting up on the Himalayas during the adventure of your life? Then you should know that since the first ascent of Mount Everest 63 years ago this has become much more accessible to trekkers. What seemed to be impossible in the past is now still a serious challenge but something you can definitely achieve with proper planning. Discover below the most important nine things to consider when planning your dream trek in the Himalayas.

1. Decide on the Type of Trek to Engage In

The first decision you will have to take regarding the planned trekking experience in the Himalayas refers to the type of adventure you should plan for yourself. It is not necessarily about your taste in this regard but more about your knowledge, skills and experience in the mountains. You can organize the trek with the help of an outfitter or engage in a DIY type of experience.

The latter option is only for those who know their way around the mountains, have had previous similar experiences and can survive up there even when things get worse. It should be all about enjoying the experience rather than trying to prove something to yourself. Make a well-informed decision at this stage because it will definitely impact the overall results of your next amazing trip in the mountains.

2. Should You Go There with a Guide or a Porter?

In case you have chosen the DIY experience in the Himalayas, it is now time for you to choose between a guide and a porter. Do It Yourself type of experiences still need some guidance maybe even more than organized group activities. The difference between a porter and a guide relies on knowledge.

Whereas the first one will do a great job carrying your luggage up to the mountain, the guide will ensure you actually get where you have planned to go. Professional guides have a wide mountain experience, are capable of ensuring first-aid training and everything is proven by a proper certification. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

3. Proper Knowledge of High Altitude Is a Must

You cannot just wake up one morning and imagine yourself being on the Himalayas by evening. You need proper knowledge and some experience for this out-of-the-ordinary type of trekking adventure. Do some research about altitude and make sure you comply with all requirements before engaging in the new experience.

4. The Value of Weather Forecasts

Weather on the mountains is totally different from what we experience in cities. It can chance in seconds and when this happens you feel it with all your body. It is highly recommended to do some research about theweather as well and follow the weather forecasts for the specific period you have chosen for your new adventure.

5. Establish Proper Communication Channels

Communication on the mountain is sometimes much more challenging that one might expect. You may have a smartphone, but the tech world has different rules up in the Himalayas. As a result, you should know that there is not a real alternative to a satellite phone in this case. The good news is that you can rent these with prepaid minutes for low costs now, so problem solved.

6. No Trek without a Medical Kit

Tourists should never adventure in the mountains without some medical knowledge in terms of first-aid and a proper medical kit. Trekking in the Himalayas is not like walking in the park. No medical teams there and maybe not even a single person to meet for a long time. You are on your own there so make sure you bring a medical kit with you and know how to take advantage of it just in case you need it.

7. Come Well-Equipped for the Adventure

When you consider a Mount Everest type of experience, you cannot simply go there and hope that things will work out. It is a great, thrilling trekking adventure that will take your breath away every step you take. However, it can only be a pleasant experience when you go there well-equipped. No shops or medical centers on the road. All you need should be in your backpack.

8. Good Research Ensures a Good Trekking Experience

When you want to engage in an amazing new adventure that will keep your heart rate up all the way up to the highest mountain picks,you must do some research beforehand. Read how others have undergone such experiences and learn from their mistakes. This will get you up there safe and make feel more proud of yourself than ever.

9. The Global Rescue Adventure

In case you have not yet found a way of making this trekking experience available for you, it might be time to consider engaging in the Global Rescue adventure. This will allow you to go through this with people that have the same goals as you and come back home certain that you have just lived the best experience of your life. By Peter Smith and!

Cheaper Alternatives to The African Safari Experience Outside Of Africa!

Are you ready for your new adventure this year? If you are considering a safari trip this year, why not consider some cheaper alternatives outside of the African continent? Great adventures wait for you in various corners of the world. Perfect memories and a lot of fun are ensured! Let’s discover below where you can go and what you can do to achieve this.

Think Outside of Africa Today

Tracking polar bears, wolves and tigers during the wildest experience of your life is now possible. You do not have to go to Africa necessarily to achieve this. How about entering the Asian world this year by travelling to India? You will spend less on everything there. Starting from the flight ticket up to your daily meals.

Any safari tour there is half priced in comparison to African safari experiences. You will also be able to have a lot of fun while travelling to India. Lots of great places to visit, wild culture to discover and amazing people to watch in their natural habitat. Not to mention the wildlife that will give you new insights on nature.

Go on This Adventure with Friends

Moreover, you will definitely find more friends willing to travel with you under these circumstances. When you say Africa, not many of your close ones have the budget to allocate for the travel. A new experience right in the center of India however will attract their attention for sure. What could be more exciting than going to the Asian country accompanied by your best friends? Just consider it your new epic adventure. The memories you will gather there will certainly make the top place of things to tell your grandchildren about when you get old.

Get the Adventure Started

Your adventure will start right from the plane. Just imagining how much fun you will have there is already thrilling. Watching pictures or reading about the Indian culture in the plane is also something worth considering. As soon as you get there, it might not be a bad idea to visit an open range zoo. You can also consider half-day trips to such places to enhance the fun right from the first encounter with the Indian civilization.

Go Track Some Tigers

If you decide to go there during the spring season, you will witness how tigers are attracted by high temperatures right to central India. They will be searching for water and living their hidden places to get into society. If you find a team of specialists in organizing such tours you will be able to see the big cats while making their tours with style. If this is not an amazing experience, what else might be there to surprise you? You can even combine the jungle experience with the bamboo forest walks to get relaxed and offer yourself some piece of mind.

Trip to Australia

Australia is another great location to consider for your trip this year. If you want the best for your adventure, choose the Kangaroo Island as the main location of the trip. It has become

known as the Australian Galapagos due to its great wildlife sceneries. You will be able to share experiences with real kangaroos, penguins, sea lions, koalas and wallabies.

Not to mention how many great birds you will see there. Just listening to their sounds will make you feel like part of another world. Get the relaxation you need and forget about all the challenges of life. You deserve to recharge your batteries and Australia can certainly help you do this.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your budget for this year’s holiday might be, there are solutions to consider to ensure great fun. You must focus on spending less on luxurious accommodation and more on gaining new excitement just from travelling.

Whether you go to India, Australia or any other place in the world, you can have that amazing adventure you have always planned for yourself. Just make some research, efficient choices and you are ready to embark on a new, amazing experience. Don’t forget to get your friends to join you.

By Peter Smith and!