Vacation in Mykonos Greece

The good news about traveling to Mykonos Greece, it’s that most travelers won’t require a visa. For instance, travelers from Canada, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand don’t require one, if traveling as a tourist and staying less than three months in the island.

Without having to worry about visa fees or the visa being rejected, planning a vacation in Mykonos Greece is almost stress-free.

Perhaps, the only inconvenient about a vacation in Mykonos Greece, it’s that non-EU travelers won’t be able to get a direct flight to the island.

You’ll have to get either a transfer flight in Athens Greece or choose the option of catching a ferry from Rafina port to Mykonos Greece.

Be in the know also that non-EU nationals don’t pay duty, so you can bring back home more of Mykonos’ fine wine!

Best time to visit Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece is a popular summer destination in Europe and can be enjoyed pretty much all year-round, but be aware that in late fall some attractions, restaurants and hotels would be closed as Mykonos tourism dies down by then.

June through August is the absolute peak season, so expect plenty of crowds, busier attractions and inflated prices.

I guess, this is the thing about traveling in the summer months to some of the most popular holiday destinations as touristy areas and tourist resorts hike-up the prices.

The best time in my opinion for a vacation in Mykonos Greece, it’s either before or after the summer months. Preferably, either May or September as weather is still magnificent, most of the large crowds would’ve almost disappeared and prices are more reasonable with cheaper airfare and hotel discounts.

Arriving in Mykonos Greece

If you arrive to Mykonos Greece by plane, you’ll be landing at Mykonos Island National Airport, which is a small airport without many airport facilities.

Having said this, this is not much of a problem since the airport is so close to downtown Mykonos (around 5 minutes car ride), and most hotels include airport transfer so, you won't have to worry about transport.

Mykonos Greece is a small island but car rental is, perhaps, one of the best ways to enjoy your stay in the island, although buses are certainly the cheapest mode of transport.

Another plus point of car rental, it's that it will give you the freedom to explore the island on your own terms, which is always a plus if you’re the type of traveler who wants to take charge of their vacation.

Alternatively, hotels do offer bus excursions which include a guide, so if you don’t fancy hiring a car, you can still have a fun time.

Final thoughts on Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is truly an amazing place, and if you’re on a vacation in Mykonos Greece for the first time you’d love it here and will want to come back again.

Mykonos Greece is a great spot for a family vacation, but be in the know that the island is also very popular with hedonistic parties and nudist beaches.

For instance, beaches such as Elia and Paranga are nudist beaches, while some family beaches include Agos Ioannis, Agios Stafanos, Agia Anna, Megali Ammos, Kalo Livadi, Tourlos, Kalafatis and Korfos.

Also, just like in San Francisco CA, the gay scene in Mykonos Greece is also hot with many gay bars, discos and gay beaches such as Paradise.

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