Visiting Cairo Egypt

If you are visiting Cairo Egypt for the first time, what time of the year you travel is actually quite important, if you want to avoid disappointments.

First of all, contrary to popular belief, summer is not the cheapest time to visit Cairo Egypt, as it is, in fact, one of the busiest times to visit the city, as many travelers from the Gulf States come to Egypt during the summer months.

The best time for visiting Cairo Egypt, in my opinion, it’s during the winter months (especially in October), when prices are not inflated, attractions are less busy and temperatures are pleasant.

Do I need a Visa?

If you are a national from any countries in Europe, a US citizen, UK nationals, nationals from Canada, nationals from Australia, etc, you can get a tourist visa at the border control in Cairo International Airport.

Also, if you are a national from the following countries: Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia and the United States, you pay a reduced tourist visa fee.

Getting Around in Cairo Egypt

There are plenty of choices available such as buses, (and micro-buses), car rental, taxis, metro, tram, trains and ferries.

The cheapest (although unreliable) way to get around in Cairo Egypt it’s using micro-buses which are run by individuals.

If you’re visiting Cairo Egypt on a shoestring budget, micro-buses and normal buses are certainly the most affordable mode of transport in the city.

I would also suggest staying clear of taxis as they’re costly. Also, if you are planning on using car rental make sure you’re familiar with the road signs and, be aware that you have to be over 25 to hire a car.

The train is the best and fastest way to get around if you’re planning to explore the outskirts of Cairo and the main railway station in Cairo it’s Ramses Station.

Arriving in Cairo Egypt

If you’re flying into Cairo Egypt, you’ll be landing at Terminal 3 in Cairo International Airport, which is actually is the busiest in North Africa.

Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 was newly opened in 2008 so, you can expect all the typical modern amenities such as duty-free shops, restaurants, shops, buses, airport shuttles, etc.

Final thoughts on Egypt

Most travelers seem to be under the impression that holidays in Egypt during the month of Ramadan is not such a good idea, but I have to disagree with that.

First of all, Ramadan is a religious festival that takes place during the ninth month of Islamic calendar for a whole month, and far from being a bad time to travel, you’ll get to experience a different vibe and feel to the city that you simply wouldn't get when visiting Cairo Egypt during the touristy season.

The thing to remember about Ramadan is that it’s a holy month and people don’t smoke or drink, although tourists are still able to get alcoholic drinks.

It is true that services may operate slower, as many locals don’t work, but the city is still in full swing with busy markets and street filled with p

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