Best destinations in China

Wondering what are some of the best destinations in China?

Best destinations in China

If you are planning to visit attractions in China, some of the things to do here include visiting popular tourists attractions such as the Great Wall of China in Beijing, the Nanjing Dong Lu shopping district in Shanghai, the great Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an Town and China’s natural scenery in Guilin City

If you are planning a trip to China for the first time and want to know four of the coolest places to visit, we have as follows four of the best destinations in China:

1. Best destinations in China: Beijing

If you are traveling to China for the first time, Beijing is a great place to begin a visit to China.

Apart from being one of the best destinations in November to watch the fall foliage, Beijing is home to many popular tourist attractions to keep you busy during your stay in China

Popular attractions and places of interest in China include the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China

To get the best experience of the Great Wall of China, head towards the area of 'Badaling Great Wall', as the area features a cable car and it is one of the best originally reconstructed sections of the Great Wall.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is a beautiful Royal Palace which is now turned into a museum that features a myriad of interesting artifacts.

Two other popular attractions in Beijing are the Temple of Heaven Park and the Beijing Zoo where you can see the famed Pandas.

2. Best destinations in China: Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest and one of the most modern cities in China and the place where you will find the country's skyscrapers such as the renowned Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Nanjing Dong Lu
shopping district

If you intend to do some shopping during your trip to China, Shanghai is actually one of the best places to experience the shopping scene in China.

Shanghai is home to, Nanjing Dong Lu, which is the largest and busiest shopping streets in the whole of China. On Nanjing Dong Lu you will find the popular Dongjiadu Cloth Market which is filled with street vendors that sell satin, cashmere and silk goods.

Shanghai Old Town

If you are interested in souvenir shopping, the Shanghai Old Town, located on central Fang Bang road, is home to many shops where you can find charming Chinese figurines.

3. Best destinations in China: Xi'an

If you are looking to learn more about China’s rich history, the city of Xi’an is one of the best destinations in China for those of you interested in ancient China, as it is home to the first Chinese Emperor.

The Terracotta Army Site

Xi’an is also home to the popular UNESCO Heritage site of the Terracotta Army. At the Terracotta Army archeological site, you can see over 5,000 Terracotta Warriors and horses in battle formation, as well as the resting place of the first Emperor of China.

Huaqing Pool and Gardens

Huaqing Pool is another popular attraction to visit in Xi’an town and it is located on route to the Terracotta Army site.

Huaqing Pool actually consists of many ancient hot springs (pools) and gardens where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll and marvel at the beautiful statues and buildings there.

The Drum and Bell Tower

Two other landmarks worth checking out in Xi’an include the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower. In particular, the Bell Tower, is a must-see attraction as it is home to traditional Chinese paintings, and it also features musical performances with the bells.

4. Best destinations in China: Guilin

For those of you interested in the great outdoors and natural scenery, the city of Guilin is one of the best destinations in china for outdoor enthusiasts, as it is home to stunning peaks and remarkable natural formations.

Duxiu Feng Peak

One of the most popular scenic sites in Guilin City, it’s the Duxiu Feng peak which is home to the Duxiu Feng Pavilion. This Pavilion is beautiful to marvel at, and it offers a great view point from where you can get stunning views of Guilin City.

Another popular attraction to visit in Guilin City is that of Elephant Trunk Hill which is located inside the park along Li River.

Elephant Trunk Hill

The Elephant Trunk Hill is a popular landmark and one of the most remarkable natural formations in China, as the hill resembles the head and trunk of an elephant drinking water, when looked at it from the distance.

Elephant Trunk Hill is also home to caves such as the Water Moon Cave where you can see Chinese poems carved in the walls.

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