Things to do in Odense Denmark

Things to do in Odense Denmark
Tourist Attractions in Scandinavia
Odense Denmark, renowned for being the birthplace of the author Hans Christian Andersen, is one of the most popular student towns in Scandinavia, along with the city of Uppsala Sweden.

Odense Denmark, located in the Island of Funen, is also the capital city and has a rich Viking ancestry.

Apart from the many things to do in Odense Denmark, this little town is also a great vacation destination as it is only a couple of hours drive from the city of Malmo Sweden, and other tourist attractions in Germany.

Things to do in Odense Denmark: Outdoor Activities

Odense Denmark is also known as Denmark's bicycle city, as the city has miles of well maintained bicycle paths.

A popular outdoor activity to do in Odense Denmark during the summer months is to hire a bike and take a bicycle tour of the town.

Odense is also home to lovely garden-parks where you can take a stroll and observe beautiful plants. For instance, the ‘Klosterhaven’ or convent garden is a lovely garden home to over one hundred types of herbs which are used for medicinal purposes.

Another fun outdoor activity is taking a river cruise in the heart of Odense to experience some of the green areas in Odense city.

Things to do in Odense Denmark: Places of Interest

Hans Christian Andersen Home/ Museum

If you are a fan of Hans Christian Andersen, a visit to the place the writer grew up is a great place to experience this great writer. At the museum you can see his original scripts, drawings, photographs and more.

The Odense Zoo

The Odense Zoo is undoubtedly one of the popular things to do in Odense Denmark. The Zoo has a lot of fun activities and interesting things to see such as the reproduction of an African nature reserve where you can see lions, monkeys and more.

The Funen Village

The Funen Village, located in the Fruens Boge district, is a popular tourist attraction in Odense Denmark, as it is an outdoors museum where you can see18th century Funish buildings.

Saint Canute Church

Visiting Saint Canute Church is one of the most popular things to do in Odense Denmark when touring the town. Saint Canute Church was given its name in honor of King Canute the Holy who was buried here. At the church you can also see his bronze statue.

Danish Railway museum

Danish Railway museum, located adjacent Odense Station, is a great place where you can see different types of old locomotives and railway carriages such as a 1930’s S-train carriage and a 1950’s Lyntog diesel multiple unit.

Things to do in Odense Denmark: Nightlife & Entertainment

The nightlife and entertainment venues in Odense are mostly located in the city center, where you will find cafes, nightclubs and pubs.

‘Brandts Kl├Ždefabrik’ or Brandts Textile Mill, located at 73 Vestergade, is perhaps one of the best places to hang out in Odense Denmark. This old Mill features a restaurant, a music venue and a cinema.

Things to do in Odense Denmark: Events & Festivals

Odense International Film Festival

Odense International Film Festival, held in August, is a film competition where you can see the best local films, international films, animation films and kids’ films being awarded prizes.

Odense Folk Festival

Odense Folk Festival, held in November, is a popular fun event that features a mix of Danish, Irish and folk artists from Scotland.

Things to do in Odense Denmark: Shopping

The city of Odense Denmark also offers great shopping opportunities that range from charming specialty shops and street markets to shopping malls.

In fact, shopping for pewter goods and glassware is one of the most popular things to do in Odense Denmark when shopping for souvenirs.

If you love mall shopping, one of the biggest shopping malls in Odense Denmark is Rosengaardcentret, which is home to over 100 different shops.

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