Things to do in Tunis Tunisia

Things to do in Tunis Tunisia
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The city of Tunis is located north of Tunisia facing western coast of Sicily and southern coast of Sardinia.

If you are traveling to the lively capital of Tunis for the first time, the city is divided into the Medina and the Ville Nouvelle parts.

The Medina (Old Quarter) still retains the feel of the Old Tunisia, while the Ville Nouvelle (Modern city) has a more French-European feel.

Apart from the many things to do in Tunis Tunisia, the capital is an ideal base for exploring southern Italy attractions.

In fact, taking a cruise from Tunis along the Mediterranean sea will allow to explore the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Palma de Mallorca and Malta.

Things to do in Tunis Tunisia: Shopping

The Old Quarter of Tunis is the best place to experience the shopping scene in the city and it’s the place where you’ll find the famed Souks (markets).

Shopping in a Souk (market) is one of the most popular things to do in Tunis Tunisia, and just like in Turkey, Morocco and Egypt, Tunis is a bargain-hunter’s paradise.

In fact, souks offer the best places for souvenir shopping, and you can find anything from leather items, carpets, handmade crafts and all kinds of silver jewelry.

Things to do in Tunis Tunisia: Places of Interest

The Medina of Tunis

Taking a stroll along the Medina of Tunis or Old Quarter is one of the most popular things to do in Tunis Tunisia. The Medina offers an insight into the Old Tunisia, and it is where you’ll find pre-colonial era buildings such as the Great Mosque and Bey's Palace.

The Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum is a must-see attraction for those interested in history. The museum houses a large collection of Roman mosaics, as well as artifacts from Ancient Greece and the Arab world.

The Ruins of Carthage

The Ruins of Carthage are another popular interesting place to visit and it is where you’ll find Roman ruins such as the Roman amphitheater and the thermal Antonine Baths.

While in the area, you can also pay a visit to the Carthage Museum and the St. Louis Cathedral.

Things to do in Tunis Tunisia: Nightlife & Entertainment

One of the best places to find traditional nightlife & entertainment is in the Old Quarter of Tunis. Apart from Souks, the Old Quarter is home to charming small cafes where you can enjoy a Shisha pipe.

If you are looking to enjoy alcoholic drinks, the coastal towns of La Marsa and Sidi Bou Said (around ten miles from Tunis city center) are two of the trendiest places in Tunis, where you’ll also find a more international vibe.

Things to do in Tunis Tunisia: Events & Festivals

Carthage International Festival

The Carthage International Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Tunisia, and a great event to attend and soak in Arab heritage. At the event you can enjoy a myriad of traditional singing and theatrical performances.

El Haouaria Falconry Festival

El Haouaria falconry festival, held in the town of El Haouaria in June, is a fun event where visitors are treated to a spectacular falconry competition.

Medina festival

The Medina festival, held in Tunis during the month of Ramadan, is a fun cultural event that features worldly music and film events, as well as a variety of traditional Arab performances.

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