Things to do in Brno Czech Republic

Brno Czech Republic, located in the heart of Eastern Europe, is the capital of the Moravia region and it is located east of Germany attractions and south of Poland.

Apart from the many things to do, Brno Czech Republic is a just a couple of hour’s drive Bratislava Slovenia and fun things to do in Vienna Austria.

Things to do in Brno Czech Republic: Places of Interest

Brno Old Town

Brno Old Town is one of the oldest and best-preserved medieval towns in Europe and one of the best places to visit in Europe where you can get a feel of the Middle Ages. It is here where you will find the Old Town Hall, the Moravian Museum and St James Church.

Brno City Museum Complex

The Brno City Museum Complex is one of the most popular attractions in Brno Czech Republic and it encompasses three of the city’s most popular things to see:

-The Spilberk Castle and Fortress
-The Menin Gate
-The Villa Tugendhat

Capuchin Monastery Underground Vault

The Capuchin Monastery underground vault, just a twenty minute walk from the Brno City Museum Complex, is one of the biggest attractions in the city, but a morbid one, as you can see hundred year-old mummified monks and nuns.

Things to do in Brno Czech Republic: Fun Outdoor Activities

Brewery Tour

If you are a beer enthusiast, a visit to one of Czech Republic’s independent breweries is one of the most popular things to do in Brno Czech Republic.

For instance, the historic town of Telc is home to Trebon and the Regent Brewery, which is a great example of an independent Czech brewery where you can see the old methods used in making beer.

The town of Telc is just 75 miles west of Brno, around a 90 minute drive on the D1/E50/E65 route.


Those of you looking to enjoy a bit of hiking while exploring Brno, the Brno Dam area provide the ideal setting for a lovely fun day out.

Brno Dam has paved bike paths leading to the famed Veveri Castle where you can enjoy a tour of the castle and grounds.


Cycling is another popular pastime in the city and one of the most popular things to do in Brno Czech Republic during the warmer months.

One popular cycling route is the scenic ride along the banks of River Svratka, which takes you out onto the beautiful lowlands of southern Moravia.

Things to do in Brno Czech Republic: Shopping

The shopping scene in Brno is varied and ranges from small charming boutiques to shopping malls such as the Vankovka Gallery mall and Velky Spaliek mall complexes where you can enjoy some retail shopping, dining and entertainment.

If you are looking for souvenir-shopping, Freedom square is home to a weekend flea-market where you can buy traditional wooden toys and jewelry.

Zelny Trh square is also home to the Cabbage Farm Market where you can shop for local produce such as fruits and and traditional Czech sweets.

Things to do in Brno Czech Republic: Nightlife & Entertainment

Exploring Brno pubs and clubs and sampling traditional Czech beer is one of the most popular things to do in Brno Czech Republic for those looking to explore the nightlife here.

Brno Old Town is where most of the popular bars and clubs can be found. For instance, the Charlie's Hat pub and club plays mostly rock & pop music.

Another popular venue is Linvingston club, located nearby Spalicek shopping mall, which plays mostly 70's music.

Those looking to enjoy a game or two of gambling, the Casino Admiral in Krenova is one of the largest multi-functional casino in Brno, where you can enjoy a game of Roulette, Blackjack or Poker.

Things to do in Brno Czech Republic: Events & Festivals

Brno MotoGP

Brno MotoGP, held at the Masaryk Circuit in August, is one of the most popular bike racing events in Europe that feature amazingly fast 4-cylinder 800cc and 1000cc bikes.

International Folklore Festival

The Folklore Festival is a 5-day event held at various places in the city center of Brno every year in late August to showcase primarily Czech folklore music.

Brno International Boat and Water Sports Show

The Brno International Boat and Water Sports Show, held at the Brno Exhibition Centre in October, is a great event for boat and water sport enthusiasts where you can see all kind of boats and yachts, and water sport equipment.

Festival of small Czech Breweries

The Festival of small Czech breweries, located a walk-away from Velky Spalicek on Radnicka Street, is one of the best places in Brno where you can sample a variety of brews on Fridays and Saturdays.

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