Things to do in San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras and it is the economic heart of the country due to its main industries of banana and coffee bean.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula

If you are visiting San Pedro Sula for the first time, the city center is the heart and soul of the City, and it’s here where you can find the upscale hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping malls.

Similar cities with Spanish heritage include: San Salvador El Salvador, San Jose Costa Rica, Trujillo Peru, Chiclayo Peru and Cuenca Ecuador.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Day Trips

Olancho Valley

The Olancho Valley is home to an important archeological site that includes the famed Talgua Caves, which were used as burial sites by pre-Columbian indigenous people.

One of the caves is opened to the public and you can walk along designated paths to marvel at calcified human burials, and beautiful stalactite formations.

At the archaeological site itself, you can also see small exhibition areas showcasing all kinds of ancient artifacts found at the site such as ceramic pots and arrow heads.

The Talgua caves are located 130 miles southeast of San Pedro Sula. One of the best ways to enjoy the caves it’s with an organized tour as it’ll include the transportation and a night stay in a nearby accommodation.


The Copan Ruins are one of the most popular archeological sites in Honduras, and they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Copan Ruins are home to some of the best preserved Mayan artifacts that include impressive Royal Steles with beautifully crafted inscriptions and decorations.

At the ruins, you can also see the famed ‘Escalinata Jeroglifica’ which is a step-pyramid temple which contains the longest ancient Mayan writings found to date.

The Copan Ruins are located 60 miles southwest of San Pedro Sula. To get there, take the Carretera Pavimentada Principal towards La Estanzuela.

Santa Cruz De Yojoa

Another side trip that you can add to your San Pedro Sula itinerary; it’s the one to Santa Cruz de Yojoa.

Near Santa Cruz de Yojoa, you can find the Los Naranjos Archeological Park located on the banks of Lake Yojoa.

Los Naranjos Park was created to protect the 3000 year old Lenca settlement, as well as the fauna and flora around Lake Yojoa.

The park features vantage points from where you can get amazing views of the area around, as well as a museum and a visitor center.

At the Los Naranjos Park Museum you can see on display highly crafted ceramic items.

Los Naranjos Park is located 30 miles south of San Pedro Sula. To get there, take the Carretera Pavimentada towards El Jaral.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Places of Interest

Museum of Anthropology and History

If you are a history buff, the Museum of Anthropology and History is a good place to get an insight into San Pedro Sula before and after the Spanish colonial rule.

Museum of Nature (Museo de la Naturaleza)

If you are a nature enthusiast, this museum features over twenty exhibitions on the environment, natural resources and biology of Honduras.

San Pedro Sula Cathedral

San Pedro Cathedral has been restored recently and it is a great example of 1950’s Spanish architecture.

The area around the Cathedral also features a lovely park where you can enjoy a nice stroll and seat at one of the park benches while enjoying some people watching.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Sports

Hondurans love the game of football (soccer) and are very expressive and passionate fans.

For football enthusiasts, and even if you’re not much into football, attending a football game is one of the most popular things to do in San Pedro Sula.

Apart from being very affordable (between $4 and $8 per game), you can see how locals interact with each other, soak in some culture and enjoy a great game in an electrifying atmosphere.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Shopping

One of the best places for souvenir-gift hunting, it’s at the Guamilito market, located between Street (Calle) number 6 and Avenue (Avenida) number 8.

Here, you can find all kinds of local handmade goods such as jewelry, bags and potteries, which you can haggle at the stall.

For retail shopping, two of the most popular shopping centers are Mall Multiplaza and City Mall located on Colonia Hernandez and Colonia Villa Eugenia respectively.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Nightlife & Entertainment

The nightlife in San Pedro Sula is one of the liveliest in Honduras and you can expect to find many bars, clubs and restaurants offering all types of live entertainment such as karaoke nights.

San Pedro Sula’s city center is the hotspot for finding nightlife. Popular streets include:

* Circunvalacion Avenue (Avenida)
* West Street (Calle Oeste)
* East Street (Calle Este)
* Sixth Avenue (6 Avenida No)
* Junior Avenue (Avenida)

Entertainment-wise, San Pedro Sula is home to cinemas and casinos such as the Casino Copan, where you can enjoy a game of Blackjack as well as slot machines.

Things to do in San Pedro Sula: Events & Festivals

National Art Exhibition

The National Art Exhibition, held at the Centro Cultural Sampedrano in March, is an annual art event that features the best Honduran art the country has to offer.

San Pedro Sula Feria Juniana

San Pedro Sula Feria Juniana, held in June, is a seven day celebration to commemorate Saint San Pedro.

During the celebrations the city is filled with street parades, live entertainment and stalls selling delicious Honduran dishes.

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