Things to do in Trujillo Peru

The city of Trujillo lies north of Peru and it is one largest cities in the country home to ancient ruins and archaeological sites such as the Temple of the Sun which is a flat top pyramid.

Things to do in Trujillo Peru

If you are traveling to Trujillo Peru for the first time, the city is home to friendly locals and beautiful Spanish-colonial houses and architecture such as the famed Cathedral which is located by Trujillo's Main Square (Plaza de Armas).

Things to do in Trujillo Peru: Outdoor Activities

Water Sports

If you are a water sport enthusiast, Huanchaco Beach is a popular beach destination in Peru.

Huanchaco beach is popular for surfing and features surfing shops, as well as a surfing center for those looking to learn how to surf.

If you enjoy a bit of fishing, the pier is a great place, and it’s home to local fisherman selling cheap traditional fishing equipment.

Another popular thing to do at the beach is to hire a fisherman for a ride on one of the famed 'Caballitos de Totora', which are handmade boats made out of reed.

Wildlife Spotting

Calipuy National Reserve & Sanctuary, located in Santiago de Chuco District, is a beautiful place to explore Peru’s diverse fauna and flora. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, the sanctuary is an ideal place for spotting the Andean wolf and the Andean parakeet, amongst other wildlife.

Things to do in Trujillo Peru: Places of Interest

Trujillo's City Center

A walking tour of the city center is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular things to do in Trujillo Peru.

Trujillo’s city historic center is home to the famed Main Square (Plaza de Armas) where the city proclaimed their independence of Spain 1886.

Along Trujillo’s Main Square, you can find grandiose colonial houses such as the Emancipation House (Casa de la EmancipaciĆ³n) located on Pizarro Street, which is the place where Trujillo’s Independence was sworn in.

The Cathedral, located adjacent the Main Square, is another popular landmark where you can appreciate Spanish-colonial architecture. The Cathedral also houses a temple with Cuzco paintings and some sculptures.

Chan Chan Ruins

The ruins of Chan Chan, located two miles west of Trujillo, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Peru, and it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The ruins, which date from pre-colonial times, is home to ceremonial rooms, burial chambers and temples.

Temples of the Sun & Moon Pyramids

The Temples of the Sun & Moon are located southeast of Trujillo by the banks of the River Moche, and unlike the Great Pyramids in Cairo Egypt, the Temples of the Sun & Moon have a flat top and are made out of adobe bricks.

Things to do in Trujillo Peru: Shopping & Dining

The shopping scene in Trujillo Peru is mainly characterized by street markets (mercados), although the city is home to a few shopping malls such as the Real Plaza shopping center which is located behind Trujillo’s University.

The Mercado Mayorista, located nearby Club Libertad, is a great place to find local produce, leather goods and souvenir presents.

Another popular shopping place in Trujillo Peru is in the charming fishing village of Huanchaco. At the village you can shop for hand-made local crafts, as well as enjoy fine sea food dishes in one of the small eateries dotting the beach.

Things to do in Trujillo Peru: Nightlife & Entertainment

The night scene in Trujillo Peru revolves around the city center and it consists mainly of bars and a few discos such as Disco Tinaja, which is located near Trujillo’s Main Square on Pizarro Street.

Entertainment-wise, Trujillo Peru is home to a couple of cinemas such as Cine Primavera which is located on Orbegoso Street.

Things to do in Trujillo Peru: Events & Festivals

The National Marinera Dance Contest

The National Marinera Dance Contest, held in January, is one of the most popular cultural events in Trujillo, where visitors can soak in Peruvian heritage and culture.

The Marinera Dance is similar to Spanish flamenco but incorporates African and Indigenous rhythms, and it is characterized by dancers carrying a handkerchief.

The International Spring Festival

The International Spring Festival, held in late September, is a spectacular event that features flamboyant parades and marching bands.

Stepping Horse Contest

The Stepping Horse Contest, held alongside Trujillo's Spring Festival, is one of the most popular horse events in the world. Visitors can get a glimpse of the famous Peruvian Paso horse and its elegant and synchronized gait.

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