Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver BC Canada, home to Vancouver Olympics in 2010, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Canada, home to the H.R McMillan Space Center which is one of the most popular family attractions in Canada.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada

Vancouver BC Canada offers the best compromise between natural scenery, outdoor activities and city attractions, and has the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Whistler area in the north where you can enjoy skiing in the winter months.

Apart from the many things to do in Vancouver BC Canada, the city is an ideal base for exploring nearby fun things to do in Seattle and Port Angeles WA in Washington State.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada: Outdoor Activities

Walking & Cycling

One of the most popular places in Vancouver BC Canada where you can enjoy fun outdoor activities is Stanley Park. The park is, along Central Park in New York City, two of the best urban parks in the USA.

Stanley Park, located 3 miles away from Granville Station, is just a 5 minute drive and offers a myriad of recreational activities such as cycling, skating and walking along the seawall trail, which offers lovely views of the sea.

Swimming & Water Sports

During the summer months, one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver BC Canada is to visit Jericho Beach Park. Located 3 miles from Granville Station, Jericho Beach has designated areas for swimmers on the eastern side, and surfers and sailors on the western side.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada: Places of Interest

Stanley Park

Apart from enjoying fun recreational activities, the park is a great place to check out many landmarks such as:

* The statues of Lord Stanley and Harry Jerome
* The Totem Poles and the Brockton Lighthouse located at Brockton Point in the Vancouver harbor.
*The amazing 60-feet tall Siwash Rock

The Vancouver Aquarium

At the park, you can also find the Vancouver Aquarium, which features hundreds of species of marine life that includes dolphins, sea lions and sea otters.

Granville Island

Granville Island is located half-a-mile from Granville Station, taking just 20 minutes walk to get there. Once here, you can check a few attractions:

Granville Island Public Market

The Granville Island Public Market is a great place to visit for the great atmosphere. The market has a European vibe and most of the vendors sell all kinds if European art and produce such as German meets and French cheese.

Model Trains Museum

If you are a model train enthusiast, a visit to the Model Trains Museum on Granville Island is a must-add in your itinerary.

At the museum you can see one of the largest collections of model and toy trains in the world, as well as many dioramas and photos.

The Granville Island Brewing

If you are a beer enthusiast, taking a brewery tour on the Granville Island Brewing is one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver BC Canada.

A brewery tour is a great way to learn about the craftsmanship that goes into making Canadian beer, and you'll be able to sample different types of beer as well.


Another popular attraction in the city, it’s to visit Chinatown, which is the second largest in North America after San Francisco Chinatown.

Apart from visiting the shops and enjoying some Chinese delicacies, Vancouver’s Chinatown is home to other things to do:

Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Tour

Taking a guided tour of the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is another popular attraction in Vancouver BC Canada.

Apart from a relaxing time, at the Garden, visitors can learn about Chinese Feng-Shui and Chinese symbolism.

The Chinese Garden is located on Taylor Street and it is just a short drive from Vancouver's Granville Station.

Chinese Cultural Center

The Chinese Cultural Center is a great place to visit and it is a center aimed at bridging Chinese Canadian traditions with other communities. Here, you can learn more about both the Chinese Culture and popular Chinese cities.

Roundhouse Community Centre

The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, located on Roundhouse Mews near the David Lam Park and just a short drive from Granville Station, is a popular cultural center where families and kids can enjoy a multitude of activities.

Also, nearby this community center, you can see the stunning glass pavilion which houses CPR Engine 374, which pulled Canada's first transcontinental train into Vancouver in 1886.

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, located on Vanier Park, is one of the most popular fun family activities in Vancouver BC Canada. At the center, the whole family can learn about Space and the night sky through the Planetarium shows and interactive activities.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada: Shopping

If you love shopping, one of the most popular things to do in Vancouver BC Canada is to explore the city's shopping scene.

Downtown Vancouver is home to many charming shops and boutiques and it is here, where most of the locals spend time shopping. Apart from small shops, the downtown area is home to shopping malls such as the Pacific Centre Mall, located nearby Chinatown.

Another popular shopping complex is the Metrotown Mega Mall which is located southwest of Vancouver, opposite Central Park. Metrotown is in fact, Canada's largest shopping mall, and you can choose from over 400 department stores and boutiques as well as catching a movie at the cinema.

For souvenir shopping and shopping for local produce, arts and craft, the Granville Market and Chinatown offer a great opportunity for finding the perfect souvenir-gift present.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada: Nightlife & Entertainment

Vancouver night scene is an exciting and buzzing one consisting mainly of pubs and clubs. In fact, Vancouver's nightlife is somewhat reminiscing of that of London in the way the different districts are dotted with pubs along the streets.

Downtown Vancouver and downtown Granville are two of the hot-spots for the nightlife in the city, and it is here, where you can find a myriad of pubs and clubs to suit all tastes.

Things to do in Vancouver BC Canada: Events & Festivals

The HSBC Celebration of Light

The HSBC Celebration of Light, held in July over Vancouver’s English Bay, is a popular event that features both fireworks displays and music performances showcasing Canadian artists.

Bard on the Beach Shakespearean Festival

The Bard on the Beach Shakespearean Festival, held in August at the Vanier Park, is one of the most popular Shakespearean Festivals that feature high quality Shakespeare professional plays in tented pavilions along the park.

Powell Street Festival

The Powell Street Festival, held in July in the downtown East-side neighborhood in Japantown, is an annual event that showcases Japanese Canadian culture through local arts and music.

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