Things to do in Albany Georgia

Things to do in Albany Georgia
Vacation Spots in Georgia
Albany Georgia is roughly the half-way point between the cities of Columbus GA and Valdosta GA, and a great city filled with some of the most interesting places to visit in Georgia.

If you are planning a Georgia vacation with the family and are traveling with kids, you’ll be glad to know that most Albany Georgia attractions are geared towards families.

Apart from being within driving range of Columbus GA and Valdosta GA, if you are looking to explore other cities, Albany Georgia is just a couple of hours drive from fun things to do in Atlanta.

Things to do in Albany Georgia: Outdoor Activities

In terms of outdoor activities, Albany Georgia is home to a few city parks, lakes and the Chehaw City Park offering plenty of fun recreational opportunities.

Wildlife Spotting

If you are traveling with kids to Albany Georgia, the Chehaw Wildlife Animal Park features a zoo with exotic animals in their natural habitat.

The wildlife, located adjacent the Chehaw City Park, features beautiful boardwalks where you can observe animals such as rhinos, cheetahs and bison.

Apart from animal spotting, the wildlife features fun family outdoor activities, walking trails, picnic areas, kids’ play areas and campgrounds.

Recreational Activities

If you are looking to enjoy some recreational activities during your vacation in Albany Georgia, the city is home to a few urban parks and lakes such as Tift Park, Hilsman Park and Lake Loretta where you can throw in a line.

Things to do in Albany Georgia: Places of Interest

Thronateeska Heritage Center

If you are looking for educational things to do in Albany Georgia with kids, the Thronateeska Heritage Center is an excellent place to spend a fun afternoon.

The Center features a history and science museum with interactive exhibits, as well as the Wetherbee Planetarium where you kids can learn about the universe and stars.

Flint RiverQuarium

The Flint RiverQuarium is another popular family attraction located in Albany downtown area, not far from the Thronateeska Heritage Center.

If you love marine life and want to spend a fun day out with the family, the Flint RiverQuarium is a must-add in your Albany Georgia itinerary.

The Aquarium features an outdoor aviary, an interactive room as well as a tunnel area that recreates a cave system where the little ones can crawl through.

Albany Civil Rights Institute

If you are visiting Albany Georgia, the Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum is an important visit during your trip here, as it is also located in the downtown area.

At the museum, you can learn about the Civil Rights Movements and in particular about the Albany Movement, which was the one of the first places where the movement for civil rights started.

Albany Museum of Art

If you are interested in art, the Albany Museum of Art features an extensive collection or art works from around the world such as African artifacts, paintings and photographs by European and American artists.

Ray Charles Plaza

If you are a Ray Charles fan, the city of Albany Georgia is home to a bronze Statue of Ray Charles sitting on a beautiful plaza located between N Front Street and W Broad Avenue.

Riverside Park

Apart from being a great recreational place, Riverside Park features an array of monuments and sculptures such as the Eleanor Roosevelt and Joan of Arc Monuments.

Things to do in Albany Georgia: Shopping

Shopping is a popular thing to do in the city and if you love retail shopping, Albany Georgia is home to many shopping centers such as the Albany Mall, which is the biggest shopping mall in the city.

The Albany Plaza, Midtown Mall and the Third Avenue shopping centers are located along N Slappey Boulevard, in the center of the city.

Northwest of the city, along Dawson Rd and Old Dawson Rd, you can find the Cross Station and Village Green shopping centers.

Also, along North Slappey Boulevard, you’ll find many other stores and shops such as Big Lots, K&S Bike Shop and Staples amongst others.

Things to do in Albany Georgia: Nightlife & Entertainment

Albany Georgia has a lively nightlife that consists of dining bars, live music venues, clubs and theater houses.

The downtown area is filled with bars and clubs such as the Yesterday's Lounge & Club and Elipse Club located along W Broad Avenue.

For a pleasant night out, you can attend one of the theatrical performances at Theater Albany, which offers regular shows in the spring and summer.

Things to do in Albany Georgia: Events & Festivals

Native American Cultural Festival

If you are traveling to Albany Georgia in April, you can catch the popular Native American Cultural festival that happens at the Chehaw Park

At the Native American event, you can see drumming exhibitions and other Native American demonstrations such as fire-making and pottery-making demos.

Frontier Festival

The Frontier Festival is also held at the Chehaw Park in early January and the event features participants dressed in period clothes showcasing the skills that were necessary during the Frontier days.

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