Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia
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Cochabamba is the third largest city in Bolivia and it is famed for being home to the largest religious statue in the world.

If you are traveling to Cochabamba Bolivia for the first time, the city is known for its good food, beautiful surroundings and for having the nicest climate in the country.

Cochabamba is a fascinating place with a strong Spanish heritage. Here it's the list of cool things to do:

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia: Natural Attractions

There are a few National Parks located in the area around Cochabamba Bolivia. Two of the most popular ones are the Carrasco National Park and the Toro Toro National Park:

Carrasco National Park

Hiking & Bird Spotting

Carrasco National Park, located 60 miles east of Cochabamba Bolivia, is a great place where you can enjoy beautiful mountain and waterfall scenery, caves, Inca Ruins and lush vegetation.

The Park features over 5000 different species of plants and you can spot Jaguar and the Andean Bear amongst other animals. Also, if you are a bird enthusiast, the park is home to hundreds of bird species such as the famed Guacharo (Oil bird), which nests in caves around the park.

Fishing & Camping

The park doesn’t require any kind of fishing permit so, if you love fishing, there are natural pools where you can enjoy trout fishing.

South of Carrasco National Park, in Sehuencas, you can find around 5 camping areas but they’re not shops nearby, and the area tends to flood.

The best bet for overnight accommodation, it’s to head to Villa (Village) Tunari where you can find plenty of hotel accommodation, camping areas and plenty of shops.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Carrasco Park is also home to a Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located just 6 miles from Villa (village) Tunari.

If you are planning to visit the Wildlife Sanctuary during the week, you need to let the Sanctuary know in advance when you’re planning to be there, as they only let tourists in on weekends and holidays.

The Sanctuary also only allow in thirty people per day, and the entry fee is roughly US$2.50. The entry fee also includes a free guided tour of the Repechon Caves.

Toro Toro National Park

Toro Toro National Park is located 45 miles south of Cochabamba Bolivia and it is Bolivia’s smallest national park but a fascinating one.

The park’s landscape consists of amazing rock formations and caves (over 20 caves) where you can explore dinosaur prints, fossils, and Inca paintings.

Bird Spotting

Apart from amazing rock formations, Toro Toro Park is a bird paradise for bird enthusiast and it is home to different types of parrots such as the red-fronted macaw.


Toro Toro Park is also a popular spot for underground caving, and it’s home to the Cueva (Cave) Humajalanta, which is a partially underwater cave where you can explore the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Town of Toro Toro

Not far from the town of Toro Toro, you can find the El Vergel canyon with beautiful waterfalls from where you can get amazing views.

Near the town of Toro Toro you can also find the Llama Chaqui archaeological site where you can see amazing Inca paintings.

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia: Places of Interest

Mariscal Santa Cruz Park

If you are traveling to the city with the family, visiting the Mariscal Santa Cruz Park is one of the most popular things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia.

Mariscal Park serves as an amusement-type park and features kid’s play areas, picnic areas, a swimming pool, and a lake where you can hire paddle boats.

San Pedro Hill

San Pedro Hill is home to the Cristo De La Concordia, which is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous landmarks in Cochabamba Bolivia.

This landmark, located in Pedro Hill, is a massive statue of Jesus Christ, which is similar to the one found in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

San Sebastian Hill

On San Sebastian Hill you can find the famed Coronilla Heroines landmark, which was built to commemorate the bravely of a group of Bolivian women who resisted the Spanish armies in 1812.

Martín Cárdenas Botanical Garden

The Martín Cárdenas Botanical Garden, located on Avenue 23rd of March, is a lovely place to stroll by and marvel at beautiful plants.

The Botanic Garden features an arboretum, a cactarium, a herbarium and Martin Cardenas house museum.

September the 14th Square

The September the 14th Square (Plaza 14 De Septiembre‎), along Esteba Arze Street, is where you can find the beautiful Cathedral, where you can marvel at 16th century paintings.

Colon Square

Colon Square (Plaza Colon), located on Venezuela Street, is another beautiful square and a very important one, as it is the place where protesters gather around.

House of Culture Center

The House of Culture Center (Casa De La Cultura), located near the Santa Clara convent, is an interesting place where you can learn more about indigenous cultures of Bolivia such as the Inca through interactive exhibitions.

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia: Shopping

If you are visiting the city for the first time, exploring the city’s traditional markets would be one of the highlight of your vacation.

Just like the rest of Bolivia, shopping at one of the traditional markets for hand made items is one of the most popular things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia.

La Cancha, San Antonio and Calatayud markets are the most popular ones and there are all found in the Sudoeste neighborhood, near the Bus Terminal.

La Cancha, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is the most popular as it features a variety of vendors selling anything from foods to handmade goods.

If you can’t make it to La Cancha Market, the next best place for souvenir shopping, it’s the San Antonio Market, located along Tarata Street.

At this market, you can find pretty nice handmade items such as bags, small guitars and so on.

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia: Nightlife & Entertainment

If you are looking to enjoy clubbing, Cochabamba Bolivia has a vibrant nightlife boosted by the University students. Apart from discos, there are plenty of restaurants and bars offering live entertainment.

Places such as La Recoleta, nearby the Cine Center, feature plenty of bars and restaurants.

Another nightlife hotspot it’s between Avenue Ayacucho and Avenue Heroinas where you can find more bars and restaurants.

Things to do in Cochabamba Bolivia: Events & Festivals

If you are traveling to Cochabamba Bolivia for the first time, it’s a good idea to travel during one of the city’s yearly religious festivals to soak in Bolivian culture.

For instance, the Virgen De La Candelaria Festivity, the San Jose Festivity and the San Isidro Festivity are celebrated in February, March and May respectively.

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