Things to do in Salta

Things to do in Salta
Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Argentina
The city of Salta is located in the northern part of Argentina and it is bounded by the borders of Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay.

In fact, Salta is just two hundred miles south of Cochabamba Bolivia and around seven hundred miles northwest of the capital city of Buenos Aires Argentina.

If you are traveling to Salta Argentina for the first time, the city preserves its Spanish heritage with beautiful cobbled stone streets and 18th century colonial architecture such as the Salta Cathedral.

Things to do in Salta: Fun Outdoor Activities

Canoeing, Fishing & Water Rafting

If you want to enjoy water activities, the closest place is Campo Alegre Dam, around 15 miles east of Salta.

At Campo Alegre Dam you can enjoy canoeing, swimming and fishing, although boat fishing is not allowed.

Another popular place for water activities it is Cabra Corral Dam, which is located 45 miles south of Salta Argentina (around 90 minutes drive along the national route 68).

Cabra Corral Dam is by far the largest of the Dams near Salta and if you fancy doing some rafting, you can do so along Juramento River.

Clouds Scenic Railway Ride

Another fun activity worth adding to the Salta itinerary, it’s a ride along the Train to the Clouds Scenic Railway.

The Train to the Clouds ( El Tren a las Nubes) railway ride is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular fun things to do in Salta.

This scenic railway line ride last around 14 hours and takes out through bridges, tunnels and viaducts, and the scenery along the way it’s quite breathtaking.

The train ride costs around US$150 but it is once in a life time activity and worth every penny.

Things to do in Salta: Day Trip Suggestion (Cachi-Cafayate)

If you are looking for exciting things to do during your trip to Salta Argentina, one thing you can add to your itinerary it’s a day trip to the towns of Cachi and Cafayate.

Town of Cachi

There are a couple of ways to reach Cachi from Salta. One way is the local bus and the second way is by car.

If you travel by car, take the RN 68 west towards Cachipampa and then the RP 33 towards Cachi (it takes around 3 hours).

Once you get to Cachi, you can take a stroll the town and visit the local museum and then enjoy a nice meal at one of the lovely bars there.

Then, you can head to Los Cardones National Park, which is not far from Cachi Town. At the park, you can hike along natural trails and observe over one hundred species of birds and the lush vegetation that grows there.

If you want to spend the night in Cachi, you can camp out or book yourself in one of the charming lodgings at the town.

Otherwise, you can continue towards the town of Cafayate.

Town of Cafayate (Quilmes Ruins)

From Cachi, the town of Cafayate is a further two hours along the famed Route 40, which is the longest stretch of road after Route 66 in the USA.

The scenic drive between Cachi and Cafayate takes you along the Calchaqui Valley and through splendid canyon formations reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Once in Cafayate, you can explore the town’s markets and shop for handmade goods the town is known for.

After a bit of shopping, you can visit the Nanni wine cellar, which is located at the town, and enjoy a wine tasting tour.

After exploring the town, you can visit the nearby Quilmes Ruins. The ruins are located a short drive from Cafayate, and offer a great insight into the Quilmes tribe way of life before the Spanish colonization.

Things to do in Salta: Places of Interest

Salta Museum of Archeology

If you are interested in archeological findings and interested in history, the Salta Museum of Archeology is a must-add in your itinerary. This museum houses the remains of indigenous mummies, which are over 500 years old.

Apart from the mummies, you can learn more about indigenous cultures before pre-colonial times. The Museum is located nearby 9th of July Square, on Mitre Street.

Cathedral of Salta

The Cathedral of Salta, located opposite the 9th of July Square, is along San Francisco Church, one of the most beautiful landmarks in the city of Salita. Inside the basilica, you can see an impressive gold altar sitting 40 feet high.

San Francisco Church

San Francisco Church is located nearby the Museum of Archeology, and it is one of the must-see landmarks in Salta.

San Francisco church was built in the 17th century and it is characterized by its red and gold facades.

One of the best times to appreciate this church is at night, when the lights are lit up around the church showing off all its glory.

Things to do in Salta: Shopping

If you are looking to shop for genuine local handmade goods, the city of Salta will not disappoint.

On Sundays, the city comes alive with street markets filled with vendors selling all kind of souvenir-type gifts, handmade clothing items made out of wool and high quality arts and crafts such as paintings and jewelry.

During the week, one of the most popular markets in Salta, it’s the Mercado (Market) Artesanal, which is located west of Salta along San Martin Street.

For retail shopping, the city is home to a few shopping malls such as the Alto Noa Shopping Mall located on Entre Rios Avenue.

Things to do in Salta: Nightlife & Entertainment

Weekends are traditional the days when the locals gear up for a night out.

The area around General Guermes Square is the heart and soul of the nightlife. Around this area, you’ll find the bulk of bars, restaurants and discos.

Another hot-spot is along Balcarce Street where you can also find plenty of bars and live music venues playing anything from Latin Rock to Argentinean folkloric music.

Things to do in Salta: Events & Festivals

Miracle Procession

The Miracle Procession is held in September in Salta, and it is one of the most important religious events in the calendar. During this time, the streets of Salta are filled with pilgrims carrying the statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

April Cultural Month

One of the best times to travel to Salta it’s during the month of April, as the city of Salta dedicates the whole month to special cultural events.

During the entire month of April, the city features plenty of live entertainment, arts and crafts exhibitions and fun competitions.

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