Best Vacations Spots in May

Are you planning to get away this spring and are looking for some of the best vacations spots in May in the US and Europe?

Before I share with you some of the best vacation spots in May, let me tell you why I think early spring might not be the most ideal time to travel to the USA and Europe for romantic couples and families.

If you were to consider a Spring Break Vacation in the US and Europe in either March or April, you’ll find primarily Spring Break college crowds on popular vacation spots in the USA and popular vacation spots in Europe, and because of this, vacation rentals, airfare and hotel accommodation sky rocket.

In the month of April also, there is the Easter Holidays to think about, which means more crowds and busier attractions.

If you want an inexpensive vacation and a pleasant one (weather-wise), the month of May offers the best compromise, as weather is pleasant in continental Europe, as well as in most locations across the US.

Plus, you’ll get much better international airfare and accommodation deals than if you were to travel in early spring or early summer.

Best Vacations Spots in May: Europe

If you are looking to get away to Europe from the US, May is the best month of the spring season to get away in Europe for couples and single travelers:


- Shoulder month. Because it’s the last month of spring before the summer holidays, May is a Shoulder month so budget carriers offer very cheap international flights, and hotel resorts offer very good deals to entice travelers.

- Fewer crowds. During May month, you get fewer crowds from both tourists and locals. Summer time in Europe kick-starts in June, and tourists’ crowds are not as big as in July or August.

- Weather. This one of the main reasons traveling to Europe in May, as weather in late spring is great for a beach holiday, without the crowds.

Also, temperatures in the cities are still pleasant, unlike summer time, when walking tours can’t be uncomfortable.

Best Vacations Spots in May: Suggested Destinations

* Czech Republic: Prague

* Romania: Bucharest

Germany: Hamburg

* Turkey: Istanbul and Aegean Coast

* Belgium: Bruges

* Ireland: Dublin

Best Vacations Spots in May: United States

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of traveling to the US in May is that you’ll avoid Spring Break and Easter Holidays crowds and expensive airfare and accommodation. Much of the southeast of the United States offers great opportunities for a wonderful vacation all year around.

If you are planning to explore the north of the US, the month of May is the perfect time to do this, as the north region begins to warm-up offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the northwest of the US is, actually, one of the best regions for enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and boating.

Best Vacations Spots in May: Suggested Destinations

* CaliforniaSanta Rosa

* Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

* Arizona: Tucson

* Washington StateVancouver

* Massachusetts: Cape Cod

* Pennsylvania: Erie

* Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains

* North Carolina: Wilmington 

Best Vacations Spots in May: Helpful Tips

1. If you are planning a trip to Europe from the US, I would suggest considering a lay-over flight in London in England first.

The reason is that direct flights from the US to anywhere in Europe are more expensive, and if you don’t mind flights that include a lay-over, you can get a much better deal.

2. Book your flight time as early or as late as possible and, if possible, book your flight on Wednesday rather than the weekend.

3. If you haven’t got much time to look online for travel deals, it’s a good idea to visit your local travel agent, as they’d be able to help you out find the best deals out there.

4. If you’re flexible with your flying dates, look into booking a chartered flight rather than an scheduled flight.

5. Finally, if you do visit your local travel agent, do inquiry about consolidator tickets, as you can save as much as 70% when purchasing your flights through a consolidator company.

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