Interesting Places to Visit in Texas

Texas, also known as the ‘Lone Star State’, is one of the largest states in the United States and home to a historical melting pot of cultures that include European, Mexican, Dixie and Frontier influences.

 Interesting Places to Visit in Texas

The state of Texas boasts plenty of live music venues hotspots, outdoor opportunities and cultural attractions such as theater houses and art museums.

Transportation-wise, the state offers plenty of options for travelers looking to explore some of the most interesting places to visit in Texas. Two of the most popular and cost-effective ways to get around Texas include car rental and flying.

Domestic flights are, especially, popular within Texas as the state boast hundreds of airport facilities, making getting around Texas the fastest and most convenient way to travel through the state.

Interesting Places to Visit in Texas: Top 5

1. Dallas TX

If you are looking to enjoy a city-type holiday, Dallas Texas is home to a myriad of city attractions the city is home to many amusement parks, art museums, and also an exciting and vibrant nightlife.

2. Town of South Padre Island TX

The town of South Padre Island Texas is one of the most popular beach destinations in the USA during Spring Break season.

However, if you travel during the low season, the town of South Padre Island Texas is a popular holiday destination for families with kids.

3. Corpus Christi TX

Corpus Christi Texas is located along the Gulf of Mexico and it is another excellent destination for those of you who are planning a family beach holiday to Texas. Apart from beautiful sandy beaches, Corpus Christi Texas is home to the popular Padre Island National Seashore where you can enjoy bird spotting.

4. Houston TX

Houston Texas is perhaps one of the most interesting places to visit in Texas, and if you are traveling with the family and are looking for fun things to do in Houston with kids, the city boasts plenty of family attractions such as the Six Flags Astroworld Water Park.

5. Austin TX

If you are music fan and enjoy music events and festivals, the city of Austin Texas boast a myriad of music events throughout the year such as the State Fair of Texas, as well as buzzing nightlife that consists of live music venues.

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