Best Destinations in August To Travel

Are you looking for the best destinations in August?

If you are planning to get away in late summer and are wondering whether late summer is a good or expensive time to travel, you’ll be glad to know that airfare rates, car rental and hotel accommodation is actually cheaper in late summer when compared to traveling in July.

Ideally, you’d want to book your vacation between the last two weeks of august and first week of September to benefit from discounted rates. The main reason late summer is such as a great time to getaway it’s because holiday operators have to slash their prices to entice travelers before school term starts. As follows are some suggestions on places to travel in August in the US, Canada and the Southern Hemisphere:

United States

If you are looking for top US summer destinations, there are many vacation spots in the Midwest region worth considering for a vacation in late August.
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For instance, places such as Minneapolis MN or Duluth MN offer plenty of urban attractions, as well as opportunities on a nearby state park. If you’re looking for inexpensive family vacations in late summer, you could always camp out in a tent or rent an RV and explore much of the Midwest or Western US regions.


If you are eying out your first vacation to Canada, late summer is a great time to explore the southwest of Canada. Two of the best destinations in August in Canada are found on the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Vancouver BC Canada and Victoria BC Canada are a joy to visit in late summer as most of the crowds have gone and attractions are less pricey. Also, since Vancouver BC and Victoria BC are located near the border with Washington State, you can always hop on a boat and take the short ferry ride from Seattle WA or Port Angeles WA.

Southern Hemisphere

If you’re not considering a cheap summer destination in Europe nor a getaway in North America, and prefer to travel somewhere exotic to experience a different vibe, the southern Hemisphere is another option. For instance, Australia is a popular getaway in August because the summer months in the Australian continent are low season so you’ll find affordable airfare, less crowds and plenty of hotel accommodation deals.

This is the thing to remember about traveling to the southern Hemisphere, that seasons are inverted so if you happen to travel to Australia between December and February, you’ll be traveling during their summer season. Other places in the southern Hemisphere where you can find some of the best destinations in August include: New Zealand, Cape Town South Africa, Cochabamba Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru, which are two of the best vacation destinations in South America.

If you’re wondering where else to go, there are many great vacation spots in Asia to choose from, but bear in mind that the region of Southeast Asia experiences its rainy season in late summer.

If you’re looking to getaway to Nepal or Tibet, I would suggest traveling to Tibetan regions such as Amdo and Kham (located on southwest of China), rather than the Tibet Autonomous Region. The main reason why I suggest by-passing the Tibet Autonomous Region it’s because travel restrictions and overall expense for similar tours in other parts of Tibet.

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