Best Vacation Destinations in South America

Best Vacation Destinations in South America
South America 10 top sights
Are you planning a trip to South America but are not sure where to go?

There are plenty of great destinations in South America and where you go depends on what kinds of activities you’re planning to do and your budget.

South America is an exciting continent full of charm and rich with culture.

Best Vacation Destinations in South America: Top 4

I’ve put together four of the best vacation destinations in South America which I think offer best of both worlds, in terms of city attractions and outdoor opportunities.

Chiclayo Peru

Chiclayo Peru is one of the most popular cities in South America where traces of the Inca era can be seen. For instance, you can tour the majestic Pyramids of Tucume, enjoying hiking and bird watching at the Historic Pomac Forest, as well as surfing opportunities at the nearby beach town of Pimentel.

Salto Argentina

Although Buenos Aires Argentina is one of the most popular vacation destinations in South America, Salto Argentina is a great destination especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.

One of the most popular attractions in Salto Argentina is taking a tour along ‘Train to the Clouds’ Scenic Railway, which lasts over ten hours and takes you through beautiful mountain scenery.

Cochabamba Bolivia

Cochabamba Bolivia is another great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, as it boast plenty of natural attractions.

Places such as the popular Carrasco National Park offer you the opportunity to do camping, fishing and enjoy its many hiking trails while marveling at the park’s amazing variety of fauna and flora.

Montevideo Uruguay

The country of Uruguay is located between the borders of Brazil and Argentina, and its capital Montevideo Uruguay is an excellent destination for travelers looking to explore Spain’s colonial past.

You can visit the city’s many parks and museums, and enjoy a walking tour of Montevideo’s Old Quarter where you’ll be truly taken to another time.

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Facts about South America

- Angel Falls, located in Venezuela, is the largest waterfall in the world.

- South America is home to the Amazon River which is the largest river in the world

- The highest mountain peak in the world is the Aconcagua which is located in Argentina

- The Amazon jungle is the largest rain forest in the world, represents over 60% of the world’s combine rain forests.

- South America is home to the highest lake and city in the world, Lake Titicaca and La Paz Bolivia respectively.

- South America is home to unique wildlife such as piranha, anaconda and llama to name a few.

- Brazil is the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world.

- Spanish speaking countries in South America include Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

- South American foods have African, Native American, Asian, and European influences.

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