Cheap Summer Destinations in Europe

Looking for cheap summer destinations in Europe?

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Below you have some of the best summer destinations in Europe for this year:


Known as the ‘land of ice and fire’, Iceland is truly one of the most unique destinations in Europe due to its amazing landscapes that consist of glaciers and active volcanoes.

Iceland, traditionally an expensive destination in Europe, it is one of the most affordable vacation spots, due to the financial crisis in Iceland at the moment and the latest volcanic eruption.


If you’re looking for a great island beach vacation in the Mediterranean basin but find Greece islands such as Mykonos Greece too expensive, Cyprus offers great value for money.
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Cyprus boasts plenty of outdoor opportunities and the island’s shopping scene and nightlife is also very good.


Turkey is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Europe, and boasts some of the most popular summer destinations in Europe for travelers on a budget.
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Places such as Izmir Turkey and Kusadasi Turkey offer great cheap beach vacation opportunities, lively nightlife, great shopping opportunities, and plenty of things to do such as taking tours to ancient Roman ruins.


Croatia is fast becoming one of the best summer destinations in Europe and its popularity is in part due to places such as Dubrovnik Croatia which boasts so many attractions and things to do such as doing a winery tour, the Dubrovnik Summer Fest, and the World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik’s Old Quarter.
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Hungary is popularly known for the Danube River which traverses the cities of Buda and Pest, commonly known as Budapest Hungary.
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If you are an active traveler, you’d love the amount of attractions the city of Budapest Hungary has to offer such as enjoying a relaxing time at a Turkish bath or a thermal spring.

Czech Republic

If you’re traveling to Czech Republic this summer and are planning on staying in the capital city of Prague, I would suggest leaving Prague for a day trip, and base your holiday in Brno Czech Republic.
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Brno Czech Republic is less touristy than Prague so prices are not as inflated and tourist attractions are plentiful such as visiting the Spilberk Castle and Fortress or enjoying a brewery tour on the nearby town of Telc.

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Summer Destinations in Europe: Handy Tips

If value for money is what you’re after from a vacation in Europe, summer time is traditionally not the time of the year when you’ll find many package deals, cheap airfare and competitive hotel rates.

Therefore, if you're looking for a cheap holiday in Europe this summer look for dates in early June, or early September.

I'd definitely avoid mid-summer dates (July-August) since you'll find that many summer destinations in Europe will be way too expensive and crowded!

For instance, European cities such as Barcelona in Spain, Nice France, Zurich, Vienna, Rome Italy and London in England are some of the most popular holiday destinations, but there are also some of the most expensive summer destinations in Europe.

Hints and Tips

- US citizens find best flight deals to Europe when choosing a stop over flight through London UK.

- Car rental and villa rental in Europe is very popular so book in advance (5 months onwards) as you can to benefit from cheaper prices.

- When deciding on a summer destination in Europe, choose where to go according to your interests. For instance, if you love tours and visiting museums, Antwerp Belgium boasts plenty of fun tours such as chocolate and boat tours.

- Plan your summer destination in Europe as thoroughly as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses. (i.e. a travel itinerary is a great way to do this)

- Purchase travel insurance, even if you are not planning on doing adventurous activities. If you get sick or injured, medical expenses abroad can run in the thousands.

- If you’re planning on backpacking around the world or in Europe, buy high quality gear, as the last thing you’d want it’s to buy things like hiking boots or backpack abroad.

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