Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

Best Party Beaches in Europe
Planning to getaway this summer but not sure where to go?

If you are looking for cheap summer destinations in Europe to getaway this year or, perhaps, you fancy a late summer vacation, the following Top 5 list of best beaches in the Mediterranean include five of the hottest destinations for a fun beach vacation.

If you intend to travel anywhere in the Mediterranean during the summer, be aware that mid July-mid August are the hottest and busiest months of the year, so expect expensive airfare, higher hotel prices and large crowds.

If you want to avoid the large crowds, travel either the last two weeks of June or the last week of August and early September for a cheap late summer getaway.

The Top 5 list includes a nice mix of destinations so, hopefully it’ll give you a clearer idea of where to go on your next vacation.

Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

1. North Coast of Sardinia

When it comes to visiting southern Italy, the island of Sardinia is not on the radar of most travelers but Sardinia’s north coast is home to some of the most idyllic beaches in the world.

In fact, beaches such as Marina Di Sorso and Eden Beach boast two of the longest beach shoreline in Europe, spanning nearly ten miles.

If you’re wondering where to stay on the north coast of Sardinia, places such as Porto Torres, and the town of Sorso are great town locations.

Having said this, don't overlook the city of Sassari Sardinia as it is just 30 minutes drive away from Sardinia north coast beaches.

2. Dubrovnik Riviera

The second on my list, it’s the Dubrovnik Riviera simply because of its crystal clear waters and mix of sandy and pebble beaches.

For instance beaches such as Banje, located within the City Walls and the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Quarter give the city such as distinctive feel.

Dubrovnik Croatia is certainly more expensive than other Croatian cities such as Split or Zagreb, in terms of accommodations and food costs but none of the other Croatian cities rival Dubrovnik’s rich history, cultural feel and lively atmosphere.

3. Egypt's North Coast

Cairo Egypt is a fairly popular destination in the Middle East (or North Africa) drawing many tourists every year.

Being such as tourist magnet, Egypt's main attractions like the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo Egypt are always busy with tourists, especially during the peak season.

When most people travel to Egypt for the first time, during the busy season they get such a terrible experience, simply because of the large crowds so they come back disappointed.

One thing to remember when visiting Egypt, it's that the country is more than the Great Pyramids. There are many off the beaten path attractions such as lesser known pyramids like Saqqara Pyramid, and desert oasis that you can explore on an excursion.

4. Morocco’s North Coast

If you’re looking a more exotic beach vacation in the Mediterranean, Morocco’s beautiful north coast is the destination for you.

The north coast of Morocco is home to some of best beaches in the Mediterranean and with its unique charming markets and enchanting Old Quarters; you’ll certainly experience an exotic vibe during your vacation here.

Some of the best beach towns along the north coast of Africa include: Al Hoceima, Beni Baroun and Melilla.

5. Palma de Mallorca Island

Palma de Mallorca is one of my favorite destinations in Spain, not only because of the lovely beaches and atmosphere but also for natural attractions such as the caves of Drach.

Apart from the many things to in Palma de Mallorca, it is a bliss to get around as you can travel from one corner of the island to the other in just under two hours, so you can pretty much explore most of the island if you wished.

If you’re visiting Palma de Mallorca, I would suggest locating yourselves in either the city of Palma or the city of Alcudia because both of these cities have ports so, if you fancied visiting mainland Spain, you could take one of the daily departing ferries from either port.

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