Things to do in Freiburg Germany

Wondering about attractions and sights to see in Freiburg Germany?

Things to do in Freiburg Germany
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Below we've put together a little overview on Freiburg along with some of the best things to see and do in Freiburg:

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Fun Activities

Winery Tour

If you love tasting wines, adding a winery tour to your itinerary is a recommended thing to do during your vacation in Freiburg. The region is known for its fine quality grapes and one of its most popular wines is the Rulaender wine.

If you’re wondering where to find nearby wineries, the villages that surround Freiburg have local wineries where you can enjoy a wine tour. For instance, the villages of Opfingen, Tingen and Munzingen are within 5 miles of Freiburg's city center.

Cycling Tour

If you love cycling, another activity worth adding on your itinerary it’s to rent a bike and take a tour ride along the city streets, and explore the city's attractions.

Recreational Activities

City Garden Park is an excellent and popular place to hang out during the warmer months to enjoy some fun activities like picnicking and cycling,

During the summer months, City Garden Park is also home to many outdoor summer concert or live performances where you can catch good music,

Excursion to Freiburg Schlossberg

Visiting the Freiburg Schlossberg is one of the most popular things to do in Freiburg Germany during the warm months. The Freiburg Schlossber is a lovely park that offers lovely views of the city and the Rhine Valley.

You can reach the Freiburg Schlossber either on the Schlossberg train or cable ride from the City Garden Park in Freiburg. However, the cable ride is a fun attraction and offers lovely panoramic views of the city so I would recommend it.

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Exploring the Black Forest

One of the most popular things to do in Freiburg Germany, it’s to explore the majestic Black Forest scenery, natural attractions and wildlife.

Black Forest Natural Attractions

Wildlife & Lakes

The Black Forest’s natural attractions include lakes like the Titisee and Schluchsee lakes, and waterfalls like the beautiful Triberg Waterfalls.

If you enjoy hiking and wildlife spotting, there many lovely nature trails that you can hike while spotting wildlife like eagles and wild horses.

Ancient Ruins

If you’re interested in checking out some ancient ruins, head to the town of Badenweiler (south of Freiburg) where you’ll find a Roman ruins pavilion. Also, just outside of Badenweiler in the Schlossberg, you’ll find the ruins of an 11th century castle.

Black Forest Cultural Attractions

Black Forest Open Air Museum

The Black Forest Open Air Museum (Schwarzwalder Freilichtmuseum) is one attraction not to be missed during your trip to Freiburg Germany.
The museum features reconstructed 17 th century farms which allow you to get a glimpse of how farms looked and operated back then. The museum is located in Vogtsbauernhof, 25 miles northeast of Freiburg Germany and can be reached by car (around 40 minutes), or by train (you'll need to get off at Hausach and take a connecting bus to the museum).

German Clock Museum

Located 20 miles east of Freiburg Germany, in the town of Furtwangen, the German Clock Museum (Deutsches Uhrenmuseum‎) is an excellent and enjoyable place to learn about the early clocks like the famed Cuckoo Clock which gave way to today’s modern watches.

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Places of Interest

City Center

The city of Freiburg Germany has many interesting landmarks to explore such as lovely period churches such as the Augustiner Cathedral, located in Augustinerplatz, which has now been turned into a magnificent museum (Augustinermuseum) housing many articrafts from 13th to 18th century Germany.
The best way to explore Freiburg’s landmarks and medieval town, it’s on a walking tour. If you’re actually interested in learning about the town’s attractions, there are a few tour operators which offer walking tours of the heart of the city with an experienced local guide.

If you prefer to explore the city on your own, some of Freiburg’s popular attractions are found in the historic district. These include:

- Museum Colombischlossle
- Rathaus Square
- Museum fur Stadtgeschichte
- Walgraben Theater
- Went zinger House
- Munster Cathedral
- Old Town (Altes Rathaus)
- Old Synagogue Square (Platz der alten Synagoge)
- Historic Marketplace building (Historisches Kaufhaus)
- Old Police Station (Alte Wache)

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Shopping

Freiburg Germany is known for its traditional outdoor markets held in the center of the city every week. For instance, the Munsterplatz is a popular square that holds open-air markets every day (except Sunday).

On one side of Munsterplatz square, you’ll find a farmer’s market where you can get tasty bratwursts ans other foods, and on the other side, you’ll find an articrafts market where you can buy lovely traditional German goods. For retail shopping, head to Kaiser Joseph Strasse which is the main shopping street in Freiburg’s city center where you’ll find the large department stores.

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Nightlife & Entertainment

Freiburg Germany is a University town so the nightlife is lively especially around popular student hang-outs such as Freiburg Square (platz).

Other larger squares like Augustiner, Feierling and Martins Brau are filled with cafes, bars with outdoor terraces where you can enjoy a pleasant drink as well as a lovely meal. The entertainment scene ranges from cinemas to music halls such as the Freiburg concert hall and Jazz House where you can enjoy concerts and workshops by local musicians.

Things to do in Freiburg Germany: Events & Festivals

Freiburg Wine Tasting Festival

If you love wine tasting and are traveling in August, you can attend the popular summer event that is the Freiburg Wine Tasting Festival.

The event is held at M√ľnster Square, and during the 6 days that the event lasts you can sample some of the finest homegrown wine from the region.

International Tent Music Festival

In early June, you can catch one of the most popular cultural events in Freiburg’s calendar year.

The International Tent Music Festival features a myriad of tent music concerts, and fun live performances for three weeks.

Freiburg Xmas Celebration

Another popular time to visit Freiburg Germany it’s during the Christmas season to experience true Christmas traditions in Germany. The city holds the popular Christmas Market where you can sample fine German Christmas foods.

Final Thoughts...

The city of Freiburg Germany is located in the Breisgau region, southwest of Germany, near Strasbourg France. Freiburg Germany is a university town and it's one of the oldest cities in Germany, and the gateway to the popular Black Forest, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Germany.

If you’re looking at getting flights to Freiburg Germany, the city is serviced by two airports:

- EuroAirport which is located 35 miles south of Freiburg Germany, near the town of Saint-Louis in France.

- Baden Airpark, located 50 miles north of Freiburg Germany, near the German city of Baden-Baden.

EuroAirport is the most popular airport travelers choose to land because of its close proximity and airport transportation options.

EuroAirport also has many airlines offering charter flights to Frieburg Germany, so cheap airfare deals are easy to come by.

Transportation in Freiburg

Once you’re in the city center of Freiburg Germany, getting around the city is easy and affordable with the city’s tram and bus service.

Apart from buses and trams, Freiburg Germany is also serviced by a railway station that connects to other German cities as well as  other European cities like Zurich SwitzerlandVienna AustriaBrno Czech Republic and Antwerp Belgium.

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