Things to do in Huelva Spain

Things to do in Huelva Spain
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Southern Spain is certainly one of the most popular regions in Spain with places such as Marbella, Malaga, Cadiz and Granada being a popular choice as they are home to Spain's top tourist sites.

Huelva Spain is one of the smaller cities in Southern Spain and because of its size, most travelers underestimate what a gem of a destination Huelva Spain really is.

The city of Huelva is only 40 miles from Seville Spain (45 minutes by car), and its excellent location, makes Huelva Spain the getaway to the Algarve region in southern Spain.

In fact, Huelva Spain is located just a few miles from some of the best places in the Algarve such as Vila Real de Santo António, Faro Portugal and the town of Albufeira Portugal.

Things to do in Huelva Spain: Outdoor Activities

If you’re basing your holiday in the city, one of the most popular things to do in Huelva Spain it’s to add a few excursions and day trips to your Huelva itinerary.

Suggested Excursion

For instance, you can visit the Donana National Park (Parque Nacional de Donana) and explore its beautiful flora and fauna, as well as lovely sand dune coastline.

Once you get to the park, the only way you can explore the heart of the park is with a guided bus tour provided by the park. (to avoid disappointment contact the park before you come to the park, to make sure the guided tours are running).

The park has a few visitor centers such as El Acebuche Visitor Center and La Rocina Visitor Center where you’ll be able to book the guided tour, and find out more about the park.

If you don’t wish to take the guided tour, there are hiking trails (some along the coast) leading from the visitor centers where you can walk along independently.

Day Trip

Visiting the city of Seville Spain, on a day trip, is one of the most popular things to do in Huelva Spain.

One of the best ways to make good use of your time there, it’s by booking either a guided walking tour or bus tour.


If you prefer to be close to nature, or are on a budget, there are few campgrounds where you can base your holiday near Playa de Castilla beach (alongside Donana National Park).

Two of these campsites include Donana campground (Camping Donana) and La Aldea campground (Camping La Aldea).


One of the biggest attractions in Huelva Spain is its many beaches ideal for relaxing or enjoying fun water activities like jet-skiing and paddle boating.

Family Beaches

One of the nearest family beaches to the city center of Huelva is Punta Umbria beach. It has lifeguards, bars, toilets, showers and other facilities.

Another beach worth considering, it’s Matalascanas Beach, although it’s around 50 minutes drive from Huelva's city center.

Nudist Beaches

Two of the beaches where nudism is officially allowed are Castilla Beach (Playa), and Nueva Umbria Beach, although they are out of town.

Having said this, La Mata Negra Beach is just miles from Huelva’s city center, and it is a beautiful unspoiled beach.

Things to do in Huelva Spain: Places of Interest

Port of Huelva

The Port of Huelva is one of the most important landmarks in the city of Huelva, as it from here where Christopher Columbus started his voyage to the Indies. In fact, the port has a massive statue of Columbus overlooking the port.

La Rabida Monastery

La Rabida Monastery is, perhaps, one of the most important landmarks in Huelva Spain, as it is here where Columbus spent a year of his life. It now boasts many murals and paintings depicting the discovery of the Americas.

Nearby La Rabida Monastery, there is a park where you can see a couple of memorials to commemorate Columbus trip.

Moret Park

Apart from Donana National Park, the next best place to explore a bit of nature and enjoy fun recreational activities, it’s the lovely Moret Park (Parque Moret), located on the heart of Huelva’s city center.

Things to do in Huelva Spain: Shopping & Dining

The city of Huelva is home to around three major shopping centers (centro comerciales) where you can spend a day doing retail shopping.

One of these is actually located in the city center, Aqualon Shopping Center which is only a five minute drive from Huelva’s Town Hall (Ayuntamiento de Huelva).

Near San Diego’s Industrial Estate (Poligono Industrial San Diego), you’ll find Carrefour Shopping Center, which is around 10 minutes drive from Huelva’s Town Hall.

Then, there is the Islantilla Shopping Center, located west of the city center in the small town of Islantilla (around 45 minutes drive from Huelva’s Town Hall).

However, the best shopping experience in Huelva Spain it’s visiting a nearby local flea-market (Mercado).

Food ‘mercados’ are usually held every day, but on Sundays bigger flea-markets are held which have on offer things like pottery items and handmade goods like bugs and jewelry.

For instance, in Punta Umbria, on Andalusia Avenue, you’ll find a weekly market where you can find great souvenir-gift ideas.

Things to do in Huelva Spain: Nightlife & Entertainment

Huelva’ city center comes alive at night and you can expect to find many restaurants, discos and bars offering live entertainment like karaoke nights.

For instance, the area around the Huelva Town Hall is where you’ll find the bulk of restaurants and bars such as 'Talamante Y Gil' and 'El Ricon' on Pablo Rada Avenue.

Punta Umbria beach resort is another great place to hang out at night, because of the many bars and restaurants offering live entertainment right by the beach.

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