Things to do in Trabzon Turkey

Things to do in Trabzon Turkey
Trabzon Turkey is located along Black Sea coast, east of the capital city of Ankara Turkey and Samsun Turkey.

When compared to other popular Turkish tourist resorts like Izmir Turkey and Kusadasi Turkey, the city of Trabzon offers a chance to experience a different part of Turkey where rural traditions are very much alive.

Despite being a very conservative city, the people of Trabzon are friendly and welcoming to tourists.

In fact, one of the most popular things to do in Trabzon Turkey it’s to mingle with the locals and experience their way of live. The best way to do this it’s to catch a game of football, or visiting a Turkish bath.

Flights to Trabzon

The city of Trabzon Turkey is serviced by the Trabzon International Airport which is located 5 miles east of Trabzon's city center (around 10 minutes by car).

Airport transportation options once you land include:

- Taxi. A typical taxis ride to town costs around 10 Euros so it’s not the cheapest.

- Airport Shuttle. Hotels normally offer free airport shuttle transfer.

- Car Rental. Car rental is very convenient but airport prices are very steep. If you’re planning on using car rental, you’ll find cheaper rental companies once in town.

Best time to visit Trabzon

Just like other destinations in the Black Sea coast like Varna Bulgaria, Constanta Romania and Sochi Russia, Trabzon has temperatures relatively warm all year around, with June and July being the peak season.

If you’re on a budget, head to Trabzon Turkey in late spring (May) or August-September for a late summer vacation as you'll find cheaper flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

Places of Interest: Trabzon tourist attractions, nearby excursions and day trips

Trabzon Tourist Attractions

Taking a stroll along Trabzon city center is a great way to experience the city’s attractions. These include:

- The stunning Hagia Sophia Byzantine church
- Trabzon Museum
- Boztepe Park
- Ataturk Museum

Having said this, if you haven’t got much time in Trabzon Turkey, there are a few tour operators in the city which offer coach tours within Trabzon province, including visits to Sumela Monastery and Uzungol.

Day Trip

If you are visiting Trabzon Turkey for the first time, most travelers add a day trip to either Samsun or the Amasya District to their itinerary.

In Samsun Turkey you’ll be able to visit some important archeological museums such as the Ataturk which is both a museum and an archeological site which displays ancient artifacts of the area.

The main points of interests in the Amasya District are the Ottoman Turkish mansions, the Archaeological Museum of Amasya and the tombs of the kings of Pontus.

Another popular day trip in Trabzon, it’s to take a ferry ride to Sochi Russia. There are frequent ferry connections to and from Sochi Russia, and the boat rides costs about 120 Euros.


Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery is located 15 miles south of Trabzon Turkey, within the Altindere National Park.

Visiting this majestic landmark is, perhaps, one of the most popular things to do in Trabzon Turkey.

If you’re planning on visiting Sumela, most people visit the monastery with an organized tour.

However, if you want to drive there yourself, there are a few car rental companies in Trabzon such as ‘Vip Rent A Car’.

If traveling by car, take the E97 route (south) and follow directions to the Altindere National Park.


Uzungol is located 30 miles southeast of Trabzon Turkey. The main attractions in Uzungol are the lovely alpine lake and the beautiful scenery surrounding it, which offer many recreational opportunities such as boating and hiking.

It is also worth nothing that Uzungol has accommodation options like hotels and cabin rentals by the lake, should you decide you want to spend the night there.

Shopping: shopping centers, open-air markets, shopping streets

Exploring the shopping scene is also one of the most popular things to do in Trabzon Turkey.

The main shopping hang out in Trabzon is the Bazaar district with its distinctive long narrow back streets reminiscent of the Medinas in Morocco in North Africa

If you want to buy traditional hand-made items like bracelets and scarves, head to Semerciler Sokak in the Bazaar district.

For local produce, head to Bedesten Street which is a street filled many vendors selling tasty foods like vegetables, meats and cheeses.

For retail shopping, you can head to the nearby Forum Trabzon Shopping center which is located on the way to Trabzon Airport, near Katu University.

Nightlife & Dinning

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, one of the most popular things to do in Trabzon Turkey it’s to explore the nightlife.

Trabzon is, indeed, very lively at night, and the heart of the nightlife it’s set around Trabzon’s port which is filled with many cafes, restaurants and bars.

Other places where you can hang out at night are in Turkish tea houses like the ones found on Ataturk Square, and sample some of the finest Turkish teas.

The dining scene in Trabzon is actually very diverse and you can expect to find different types of food outlets catering to international travelers.

However, eating out at a Turkish restaurant is the best way to experience the local cuisine of the region and try the popular spicy lamb meatball and Turkish sausage.

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