Interesting places to visit in Ireland

Ireland is perhaps most famously known for the capital city of Dublin, home to three of the most interesting places to visit in Ireland - the Guinness Brewhouse, the Old Jameson Whisky distillery and the ‘Book of Kells’.

Ireland  boasts ancient ruins, plenty of hiking opportunities as well as dramatic coastlines such as the rugged coast of Bantry.

There aren't enough words to describe Ireland and you must come to here to feel and explore Ireland's hidden treasures. Ireland is a true hidden gem in Europe and one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe this year.

Here it is a run-down of must see places and things to do in Ireland, I hope you enjoy it!


Kinsale is located on the southern coast of Ireland and it’s a one of the most beautiful and charming towns that you’ll come across in Ireland.

Kinsale is on my list of interesting places to visit in Ireland because of the colorful houses along the lovely cobblestone narrow streets, and general atmosphere.

As you walk the streets, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful buildings and you’ll find many small bakeries and shops selling all kinds handmade crafts such as glassware and pottery items.

Kinsale also has a stunning walk-able harbour you don't want to miss. The Kinsale Market House Museum and the Charles Fort and James’s Fort are a few other interesting attractions that you can also visit.

If you’re wondering how feasible a day trip to Kinsale is from Dublin, the town is around 3hours drive south west, while the city of Cork is only a short 20 minute drive from Kinsale.

Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is located on the eastern coast of Ireland and it's a great place to explore on an organized excursion. If you’re looking to soak in Gaelic culture as well as the beautiful Irish landscapes, be sure to add the Dingle Peninsula to the list of interesting places to visit in Ireland.

Interesting places to visit in Ireland
During the day, you can explore the town of Dingle, and in the evening you can visit one of the pubs and enjoy traditional Gaelic music.

Nearby Dingle town, you'll find the famed Beehive Huts ancient ruins that have stood there for over 3000 years.If you’re using car rental, you can also take a scenic trip along Slea Head Drive to check out the spectacular views as well as other attractions such as the Ogham Stones and Gallarus Oratory (pictured).


The capital of Dublin, is without a doubt, a great introduction to a vacation in Ireland because of the many museums, historic sites and vibrant atmosphere. If you’re a history buff, Dublin is one of the best places in Ireland to learn and soak in some culture, and you’ll love taking a guided tour of Dublin Castle to check out the governmental offices.

The Kilmainham Gaol is another of the interesting places to visit in Ireland and a very good place for an educational tour.

During the tour of the Gaol, you get to explore the prison’s old wings and learn about past events.

Other interesting attractions in Dublin that you don’t want miss are:

- The Guinness Factory and Old Jameson distillery
- St. Patrick's Cathedral
- Christ Church Cathedral
- Book of Kells at Trinity College

Dublin is also on of my favorite spots in Ireland as it’s a great connecting place between Ireland to places in the United Kingdom such as north of Wales, Isle of Man and Liverpool.


The city of Cork is located south of Ireland, just a short drive south to the port town of Kinsale. Cork is a cultural city which boasts many art galleries, theaters and dance schools, as well as other many other interesting attractions and things to do to keep you occupied if you decide to base your vacation in Cork.

For instance, Cork’s city center boasts many Victorian, Georgian and Medieval style buildings such as the Red Abby Cathedral, Cork City Hall, and the St. Finbarre’s Cathedral.

Be sure to also add Cork’s Huguenot District to the list of the most interesting places to visit in Ireland also.

The Huguenot District is mostly a pedestrian-only place so, you can wander along the streets and squares while enjoying a bit of shopping and listening to the street baskers.


Galway is the third largest city in Ireland and it’s a great place to base your vacation if you intend to explore Ireland’s west coast. Galway travel is also characterized by the strong artistic scene with many art galleries and theaters, as well as a lively night scene.

There are loads of things to do and see in Galway and monuments that you can check out such as the “Two Wildes Sculpture” honoring the famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde and famous Estonian writer, Eduard Wilde.

Interestingly enough, the “Two Wildes Sculpture” is replica of the one that sits outside the Wilde Irish Pub in Estonia.

Other must-see places in Galway include:

- Eyre Square Park where the John F. Kennedy memorial is located.
- Spanish Arch
- Galway Cathedral
- Galway's Magdellan women sculpture
- The Two Wildes Sculpture

County Antrim

If you're a fan of natural wonders, another of the must see places in Ireland is the Giant's Causeway, which is located in County Antrim (Northern Ireland), not far from the town of Bushmills.

The Giant's Causeway are a collection of basalt columns right at the edge of the sea, as well as other strange rock formations that resemble a giant boot.

By the way, these amazing rock formations aren't the only rare attractions. In fact, the plants that grow in the Giant's Causeway are incredible unique and rare.

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