Interesting places to visit in Paraguay

Interesting places to visit in Paraguay
Sites to See in Paraguay
Looking for interesting places to visit in Paraguay?

Paraguay is one of the hidden gems in South America and most famously known for being home to the Guarani culture and the religious ruins of Jesus (pictured) and Trinidad.

Paraguay is pretty much under the radar of most travelers but boasts a unique culture and vibe hard to match by its most popular neighbours Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru

If you’re looking for an undiscovered tourist destination in South America that still offers a feel of the 'Old World', Paraguay is the place for you.

Here it is a list of interesting places and things you can do while in Paraguay:


Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay and your most likely landing point in the country if you’re coming from overseas, as the main international airport is located here.

Asunción is  located easterly border of Argentina, which makes it an ideal place to base your vacation, if you’re planning to explore places in Argentina such as San Ramon Oran and Salta.

Asunción also boasts shopping malls and plenty of art galleries and world class museums such as the Godoi Museum and the Bellas Artes National Museum to keep you occupied.

If you enjoy walking tours, Asuncion City Center is where you’ll find the Asuncion Cathedral and the National Pantheon of the Heroes – one of the most interesting places to visit in Paraguay - because of the changing of the guard ceremony.

Another place you must visit, it’s the House of Independence (Casa de la Independencia) which is now turned into a museum, and it’s the place where Paraguay’s independence from Spain was planned.

There are also many districts (or barrios) that you can explore such as Villa Morro where you’ll find shopping malls, boutiques, sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este is located on the eastern side of Paraguay, right on the border with Brazil and Argentina, and it’s one of the smallest cities in the country.

Ciudad del Este is a popular spot to visit if you’re looking to buy cheap electronics and other goods cheaply, as the town boasts a tax-free market.

Ciudad del Este is also on my list of interesting places to visit in Paraguay because of its close proximity to the Iguacu Falls and the amazing Itaipu Dam near the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu.


Villarica is located roughly between Asunción and Ciudad del Este, and it’s one of the most important cultural cities in Paraguay.

Villarica boasts many theatres, performing arts schools and the famed Camara Orchestra.

Another reason, I added Villarica to the list of interesting places to visit in Paraguay is because of the Fermin Lopez Museum, which boasts an interesting collection of Paraguayan artifacts such as coins, old photos and weaponry.


Encarnacion is located in southern Paraguay by the Parana River, which acts as a border from Argentina.

Encarnacion is another great place to base your vacation in Paraguay if you intend on exploring Argentina, especially since Encarnation is linked by a bridge to the Argentinian city of Posadas.

Encarnation is also on the list of interesting places to visit in Paraguay because of Encarnacion Carnival, held in mid February.

Encarnation Carnival is definitely one of the most popular carnivals in South America that you don't want to miss, and one of the most flamboyant ones, along with Sao Paulo Carnival and Rio Carnival in Brazil.


The port town of Conception is located in northern Paraguay, and it’s a popular base for boat trips to the Paraguayan Pantanal and back-country trips to the Chaco region.

If you’re not planning to explore El Pantanal or El Chaco, the town of Conception is itself an amazing place and worth adding to the list of interesting places to visit in Paraguay.

In one hand, you have the lovely Spanish colonial architecture and, in the other, you have the Guarani people who are some of the most charming people you’ll ever meet in Paraguay.

Conception is worth checking out on a day trip from Asunción if you’d like to experience a different culture and soak in traditional Paraguayan culture.

To get to Conception from the capital, you can either take the 6-hour bus ride from Asunción, or the much longer boat trip along the Paraguay River.

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