Interesting places to visit in Quebec Province

Looking for interesting places to visit in Quebec Province?

Interesting places to visit in Quebec Province
Things to do in Quebec Province
Quebec Province is most famously known for the World Biosphere Reserve in Charlevoix , as well as the Citadel in Quebec City, which is the only North American city that boasts surviving city walls.

The Province of Quebec is also home to amazing architectural attractions such as Saint Joseph's Oratory and Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, as well as world renowned events such as the Winter Carnival in Quebec City.

If you’re wondering what to expect, the Province of Quebec boasts natural beauty in abundance, friendly people, and an interesting British and French heritage.

Here it is a list of my favorite places to visit in Quebec Province:


Montreal is a lovely cosmopolitan city, closely bordered by New York State, Vermont and Maine.

There are many city attractions and fun things to do in Montreal that you can do such as visiting the Cathedral of Mary, Place d'Armes and Place Jacques-Cartier.

Montreal Botanical Garden is definitely one of the interesting places to visit in Quebec Province, especially during the warmer months when you can catch the amazing butterfly exhibition.

If you’ve never been to a botanical garden before, you’ll love exploring the Montreal Botanical Garden’s different exhibit areas such as the Japanese Garden.

The Montreal Biodome is another interesting attraction in Montreal and a lovely place to learn about the different world habitats.

Another interesting place to visit, it’s Old Montreal quarter which boasts beautiful cobblestone streets and many historical buildings to marvel at.

A couple more places you also want to visit in Montreal are the Redpath Museum which has an interesting display on mummies and dinosaur fossils, and the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History where you can enjoy a tour a real archeological digging site.

Gaspe Peninsula

Second on my list of interesting places to visit in Quebec Province, it’s the Gaspe Peninsula.

The Gaspe Peninsula is a perfect example of pristine and unspoiled Canadian natural wonder. The main attractions on the peninsula are the rugged coastlines, the scenery and parks such as the Miguasha National Park, located nearby the New Brunswick border.

The Miguasha Park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting amazing coastal cliffs and a museum that displays an interesting collection of fossils.

Another popular thing to do in the Gaspe Peninsula it’s to take a scenic drive along the Route 132 to enjoy breathtaking coastal views and exploring charming villages such as Cap-Chat.

Quebec City

Quebec City is perhaps one of the most popular cities in the Quebec Province and one that boasts a more distinctive European flair that can be appreciated in the steep rooftops, sidewalk cafes, narrow streets and cobblestone streets.

There are many interesting places to visit in Quebec, and most of the attractions are geared towards families, which makes Quebec City one of the most popular vacation spots in Canada.

If you’re visiting Quebec City on a day trip from Montreal, one of the best ways to explore the city is on a bus tour to make the most of your visit, and see all the amazing sights the city has to offer.
Top Places to Visit in Quebec City
If you have time on your hands, taking walking tours is also a great way to explore the attractions and soak in the beautiful buildings.

One of the most interesting places in Quebec City to visit it's the Citadel which boasts beautiful walls and a stunning main gate (pictured).

You can explore the Citadel on either a walking tour or guided tour if you’re interested in learning about the history behind this fortification.

At the Citadel, you can visit a few museums such as the Canadian Forces Museum and the Royal 22e Regiment Museum, and also catch the changing of the guard ceremony to see the display of the armed forces.


A visit to the Province of Quebec wouldn’t be complete without a exploring Quebec’s beautiful forests at Mont Tremblant National Park, which is on my list of interesting places to visit in Quebec Province.

Mont-Tremblant village is just a stone-throw away from the park which makes the village a convenient place to base your trip.

During the winter season, Mont-Tremblant is a popular ski vacation destination. However, during the warm months you can enjoy hiking trips along the mountain slopes, chair lifts tours, as well as swimming and a boat tours at Lake Tremblant.

While in Mont Tremblant, you also wan to take the fun gondola ride to the mountain top to enjoy lovely panoramic views of the area.


The city of Hull is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River, directly opposite the city of Ottawa in southern Ontario Canada. Hull is on my list of interesting places to visit in Quebec Province because of its close proximity to Ottawa.

Hull is a popular family-friendly destination with many interesting attractions such as the Museum of Civilization, which is one of the best family attractions in Canada, as well as fun events such as the Winterlude festival in February.

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