Interesting places to visit in Belgium

Interesting places to visit in Belgium
Places to go in Belgium
Belgium is located in the heart of Europe and when you think of Belgium you automatically think of Belgium chocolates and Belgium beer, and you wouldn’t be wrong!

However, Belgium also boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, the oldest carnival in Europe - Carnival of Binche - and renowned architecture such as the famed statues of Manneken Pis and Jeanneke Pis (the pissing toddlers) in Brussels and Het Steen Castle in Antwerp (pictured).

Belgium is a great place to visit all year-round and one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe for a family vacation or a romantic weekend break abroad.

Here it’s my list of interesting places to visit in Belgium and must-see attractions, I hope you enjoy it!

Brussels (Bruxelles)

Brussels is a cultural city boasting diverse architecture, world-class museums, famous artists, and delicious cuisine such as Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolates and Belgian beer that makes Brussels one of the most interesting places to visit in Belgium.

There is truly something for everyone to see and do in Brussels, and there is no shortage of interesting attractions to visit such as Atomium, which are both an observation platform and exhibition hall.

Near Atomium, you’ll also find Mini-Europe Park, a must-see attraction in Brussels. Mini-Europe Park is literary that, a reproduction at a small scale of Europe’s top landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in France, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and the London’s Big Ben in England.

Another interesting place to explore on foot it’s Grand Place (Grote Markt), which is Brussels main square and where you’ll find all the famous tourist attractions such as the Manneken Pis, Museum van de Stad Brussel, and the House of the Dukes of Brabant.

Brugge (Bruges)

Brugge is located northwest of Brussels, around 50 minutes drive, and it’s an excellent place to visit on a day trip from Brussels. Brugge is definitely worth including in your Belgium itinerary for a day trip, and it’s a great place to base your vacation in Belgium.

The minute you arrive in Brugge, you’ll notice the clean cobblestone streets, many canals and beautiful medieval buildings. Quite a stunning city!

If you’re traveling to Belgium to buy art and taste the famed Belgium chocolates and Belgium brews, be sure to add Brugge to your list of interesting places to visit in Belgium.

Brugge is a joy to stroll on foot as well as on a canal tour to get a different perspective of the city.

A few places you don’t want to miss visiting in Brugge are St. Salvator's Cathedral on Steenstraat, the Belfry in Markt Square, City Hall in Burg Square and Groeninge Museum in Dijver.

Ghent (Gent)

The city of Ghent is located at the half way point between Brussels and Brugge, and it’s simply a fabulous city you can’t afford to miss.

Ghent is around 30 minutes drive northwest of Brussels and it’s literary on the way to Brugge so, you may include a stop over, first, in Ghent.

Ghent brims with stunning medieval architecture and, like Brugge, most of the buildings are intact and well preserved.

If you’re into art and paintings, don’t miss the City Museum for Contemporary Art (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Museum voor Schone Kunsten) to check out works by Andy Warhol and Paul Rubens.

Ghent also boasts canals where you can take fun boat tours and even a romantic river cruise along the beautiful Leie River.

Ostend (Oostende)

Ostend is a popular seaside resort in the summer but it’s also a great all year-round destination because of the beautiful architecture and many fun things to do.

Ostend is located 25 minutes drive west of Brugge, so it’s an excellent day trip if you’re basing your vacation in Brugge.

Architecturally, Ostend is grand, and the impressive structure of St Petrus and St Paulus Church is testament of that. Truly stunning!

The Mercator Ship and Fort Napoleons are two other interesting attractions, and both offer stunning views from their highest points.

From Ostend, you can also explore the south west of England. There are daily ferry connections with Ramsgate England, which is only 80 minutes drive from London attractions.


Leuven is located 20 minutes drive east of Brussels and it’s another fantastic place to escape for a day trip from Brussels.

Leuven is a University town, and the city boasts a vibrant and enjoyable nightlife with plenty of pubs and bars where you can hang out.

Leuven is also renowned for its many statues and beautiful buildings such as the University Library and Town Hall and St Peter’s Church located on the Main Square (Grote Markt).

Leuven’s Old Square (Oude Markt) is also a joy to explore on a walking tour and it’s filled with lovely houses, cafes, bars and restaurants, and it's a pleasant place to enjoy a beer or a nice meal afterwards.

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