Interesting places to visit in Finland

Interesting places to visit in Finland
Tourist Sites in Finland
Are you looking for interesting places to visit in Finland?

When thinking of Finland, a few things that come to mind are vast landscapes, snow, forests, lakes, and that’s exactly what Finland boasts.

You can enjoy anything from husky tours in the Lapland region to beach activities in Helsinki in the summer months.

Finland also boast unique culture such as the Savo culture in Kuopio, and charming villages where you can get a feel of the old and traditional Finnish way of life.

Finland is one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe, and a great place to visit all year-round no matter the weather.

If you’re wondering where to go and what to do, here it’s some of the top places to visit in Finland and things to do:


Rauma is located on the southwest coast of Finland, and it’s an excellent place to enjoy a day trip from Turku since Rauma is only 60 minutes drive north of Turku. Rauma maybe a small town, but if you’re looking for a true Finnish experience, be sure to add Rauma to the list of interesting places to visit in Finland.
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Rauma old section is like stepping back into an 18th century Nordic village. The old section boast lovely cobblestone streets and old wooden houses.If you’re traveling during the summer, Rauma holds also an annual lace week during the last week of July where you can enjoy fun competitions, purchase high quality lace, and enjoy plenty of demonstrations for the whole family.


Kuopio is located northeast of Finland and it’s the cultural center of the region as the city hosts many festivals throughout the year such as the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival and the Kuopio Dance Festival. Kuopio is one of the interesting places to visit in Finland because of the friendly atmosphere, unique charm and natural beautiful scenery surrounding the city.

Kuopio is surrounded by pristine lakes and forests so there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing in the summer and ice skating and skiing in the winter. If you like museums and want to learn about Finnish culture, head to the Kuopio Museum Quarter (Kuopion Korttelimuseo) to see interesting Finish art; and the Kuopio Art Museum (Kuopion taidemuseo) to check out 19th century craftsmen’s demonstrations.


Oulu is one of the biggest cities in the country, located on the center of Finland along the western coast. Oulu is a long way from Helsinki for a day trip, but if you’re exploring the northern region, Oulu is worth passing by as there a myriad of things that you can visit and do. I am also adding Oulu to the list of interesting places to visit in Finland because of the Screaming Men and the Air Guitar World Championships.

The Screaming Men or Men's Choir Shouters are a group of old choir men who perform very loudly Finnish patriotic songs; while the Air Guitar World Championships features contestants pretending to play a guitar. Other interesting places you don’t want to miss in Oulu are the beautiful Mannerheim Park, the botanical garden at the Oulu University and the Northern Ostrobothnia museum.


Helsinki is the biggest tourist destination in Finland and it’s without a doubt, one of the best places to base your vacation in Finland since most people here speak English. Many of the things to do and interesting places to visit in Finland are located in Helsinki, and the city itself is so beautiful you'll fall in live with it.
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During the summer months, you can enjoy a fun time at Helsinki’s Hietaniemi beach, which on a hot day gets really crowded. If you’re into museums and love art and history, you’ll enjoy exploring the Helsinki City Museum, the National Museum of Finland and the Finnish National Gallery.

Exploring Helsinki’s nightlife is another of the things to do in the Helsinki since there are loads of bars, clubs, and a theatres that you can visit such as the Finnish National Theater (pictured) where you can catch world-class performances and acts. Helsinki is also an excellent location if you’d like to explore southern Sweden, northern Germany and northern Estonia. There daily ferry connections to Stockholm in Sweden, Rostock in Germany and Tallinn in Estonia.


Rovaniemi is located in northern Finland in the Lapland region and it’s by far one of the most popular and interesting places to visit in Finland because of Santa Claus’ Village, and the opportunity to catch the Northern Lights.

Rovaniemi is one of the best places to catch this amazing spectacle, and if you’re wondering when to go to Rovaniemi to catch the Borealis, the month of December presents the best chance. The Santa Claus’ Village is always a hit with families, not only because you get to see Father Christmas, but also because of the reindeer and husky tours you can enjoy at the village.


Tampere is located in southern Finland and it’s one of the largest cities in the country and it's only located under an hour's drive from Helsinki. There are loads of attractions and things to do to keep you busy if you wish to base your vacation in Tampere, or come here on a day trip.

Tampere is home to the Särkänniemi Amusement Park which is one of the most interesting places to visit in Finland because of the fun shows at the dolphinarium. If you’re visiting Tampere in a short day trip, head to the Amuri district as many attractions are concentrated there. One of my favorite attractions in Amuri it’s the Moomin Musuem. If you’re a fan of the Moomins, you can see original miniature Moomins and a small Moomin House.

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