Places to visit in the French Riviera

Places to visit in the French Riviera
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Looking for places to visit on the French Riviera?

Being home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur) is no doubt the playground of the wealthy and famous, though you don’t need a penny to enjoy the stunning coastline views, beautiful beaches, and great attractions. Below are some of the best places to visit in the French Riviera:


Marseille is located south of the French Riviera and it’s one of the oldest and biggest towns in France and also one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe. Marseille has an amazing coastline and has a low key vibe and calm atmosphere which make a visit here such a pleasant experience. If you like outdoor walks, you can hike to one of Marseille’s calanques which are small inlets filled with crystal clear turquoise waters and swim in.

The town of Marseille is itself a great place to explore on foot marveling at beautiful buildings such as the Town Hall. Marseille’s old part of town is another attraction you must do on a walking tour since it's home to some of the oldest neighbourhoods and beautiful old buildings in the area.
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Marseille's old harbour is also located in this part, and from there you can get stunning views of Notre Dame de la Garde. Marseille is also an excellent place to base your vacation along the French Riviera because of the daily ferry connections. From Marseille, you can enjoy a ferry ride to Ajaccio in the island of Corsica and Sassari in the island of Sardinia.


Menton is located north of the French Riviera close to the border with Italy. Its close proximity with Italy makes Menton one of the most peculiar places to visit in the French Riviera because of the town’s interesting mix of Italian and French influences.

Menton is one of the mellowest places along the French Riviera and a great place to spend a relaxing time, enjoying the town’s slow pace of life. The best way to explore Menton’s attractions is on a walking tour. The town boasts many grand cemeteries where you’ll find French, Russian and Italian aristocrats put to rest, and many beautiful exotic gardens such as Boives Garden and Du Val Rameh Garden which boasts hundreds of exotic flora from around the world.


Antibes is located just 20 minutes drive either way of Cannes and Nice, and it’s known for its many beaches, cultural attractions and luxury yachts. Antibes is definitely one of the places to visit in the French Riviera, especially the charming old part of town which has narrow and cobblestone streets filed with side-walk cafes, bistros, bars, etc.

If you love visiting museums and are interested in learning about Antibes, a few museums worth checking out include the La Tour Museum and the Napoleonic Museum where you can see clothing that Napoleon once wore. Exploring Antibes old town and city walls is another interesting thing to do, as well as visiting Antibes main square and many exotic gardens where you can enjoy a pleasant walk.


Cannes is one of the most popular places to visit in the French Riviera and also one of the busiest tourist destinations in the region, no doubt, especially during the famed Cannes Film Festival in the second week of May. Cannes is famous for its luxury hotels, Hollywood stars, glamorous boutiques, and expensive restaurants. Most people that come to Cannes come to here to people-watch, window-shop and car-watch.

Having said this, you don’t need splash out a lot of cash to enjoy a stay in Cannes. The old part of Cannes is notably less expensive and here you can find not too expensive hotel accommodations, restaurants and shops. Interesting things to do and places to visit in Cannes include the Marina, Cannes beaches, the Croisette Gardens, taking a walking tour of Cannes’ old town, and the checking out the place where the Cannes Film Festival is held.


The town of Saint-Tropez is, without a doubt, one of the most famous places to visit in the French Riviera. Saint-Tropez is popular with extremely wealthy people and it’s luxury at its best with expensive boats docked at the harbor, fine restaurants and flashy shops. Saint-Tropez also draws a lot celebrities and beautiful people so one of the attractions in St. Tropez is to spot famous people.

Apart from scanning luxury boats, you can climb to the “La Citadelle” fortress and enjoy great panoramic views of the sea and the town of St. Tropez. St Tropez old part of town is also a great place to visit on foot to walk along the narrow and beautiful cobblestone streets.

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