Off the Beaten Path Destinations

Do you fancy an off the beaten path destination for your next vacation?

If so, and are an eco-traveler, stay tune! Below I have two great choices of destinations you probably haven't heard of, or even seen featured in travel guides.

Socotra Island
You're probably wondering where on earth Socotra Island is?

Well, just like Malta, Socotra Island is part of an archipelago - the Socotra Archipelago in fact - and it is located a hundred miles or so from the eastern tip of Africa.

We've all heard of wonderful places such as Costa Rica which is a great destination for eco-tourism, no doubt, but did you know that Socotra Island boasts some of the most striking and unusual fauna and flora in the world?

That's right folks! Trees such as the ones in the picture can be found there (By the way, these trees are called Dragon's Blood Trees).

If you’re an eco-traveler looking to venture off the beaten path, the island of Socotra has to be the 'numero uno' of unusual destinations in the world!


Most of us when we hear the word 'Siberia' can't quite pin-point where Siberia actually is, whether is a country, a mountain, etc; we just know it sounds 'cold', right?

Well yes, and it also turns out that Siberia actually constitutes nearly 80% of Russia, and just like Alaska, it's extremely cold in winter, though between May and June Siberia is actually a warm and hospitable place to be with deer roaming around, and an amazing variety of fauna and flora on display.

You can explore vast areas of unspoiled forest land in Siberia as well as encounter native people who still make their living the 'old way' by fishing, hunting and breeding rein-deers.

The intriguing mix of native cultures, friendly and hospitable people makes Siberia an exciting and a once in a lifetime travel experience and my top off the beaten path destination!

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