Places to Visit in Vancouver WA

Places to Visit in Vancouver WA
Top 10 things to do in Washington State
There is no doubt that Vancouver WA is a popular place to base for a vacation in Washington State due to its close proximity to Oregon.

In fact, you can reach Portland OR from Vancouver WA within a short 20 minutes drive by car. Having said this, you’ll be glad to know that Vancouver WA boasts more than meets the eye. If you’re interested in history of the region, seeing Native American artifacts, paintings and life pioneer demonstrations, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these in Vancouver WA! See below:

Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver (pictured) is, without a doubt, the biggest attraction in Vancouver WA, and one of the top places to visit in Vancouver WA with kids.

Fort Vancouver is a beautiful National Historic Site where you can enjoy many interesting interpretive programs such as ranger talks, nature and candlelight tours, as well as seeing Native American artifacts and period clothing items on display.

At Fort Vancouver , you’ll also be able to catch live demonstrations of pioneer life (seeing a blacksmith at work) and interesting reenactments such as ‘Vintage Base Ball’ where you’ll get to see how the game of baseball was played back in the 1900’s.

Fort Vancouver National Site is located at Hudson Bay, adjacent Pearson Field.

Pearson Air Museum

Pearson Air Museum is located at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, and it’s a great place to visit to see cool aircraft displays. This museum houses all kinds of real size planes from test aircrafts to World War II fighter planes.

Fort Vancouver Regional Library

The Fort Vancouver Regional Library is another of the popular places to visit in Vancouver WA with kids since the library hosts regular events and exhibitions such as art exhibits produced by local artists, as well as fun activities geared towards families with kids.

Fort Vancouver Regional Library is located nearby Marshall House and For Vancouver National Historic Site.

Clark County Historical Museum

Clark County Historical Museum is located in the heart of the downtown area, along Main Street, and it’s another excellent place in Vancouver WA to see more interesting exhibits such as painting and photos depicting the life and struggles of people in the Northwest.

The Historical Museum also hosts annual and regular events and fun programs such as monthly Native American basketry events, and the Palmer-Wirfs Antique Show in mid January.

Vancouver Farmer's Market

Vancouver Farmer's Market is another top attraction in the city and a great place to mingle with the locals and sample tasty local delicacies, so be sure to add the farmer’s market to your list of places to visit in Vancouver WA, especially if you're traveling during the Holiday season.

Vancouver Farmer's Market is located on the northwestern corner of Esther Short Park, just a short walk up the road from Slocum House Theatre.

Northbank Artist Community

Northbank Artist Community is one of the few cultural attractions in Vancouver that doesn’t charge an admission fee.

Northbank Artist Community is located next door to Kiggins Theatre and it’s a great place to spend a fun afternoon checking out interesting exhibits such as the current exhibit called “Miniatures”- which features amazingly small art works!

Vancouver Theatres

If you’re planning to explore Vancouver’s nightlife, you won’t want to miss visiting one of Vancouver’s theatres.

If you’re interested in performing arts, live productions and old movies, both the Slocum House Theatre (located adjacent Esther Short Park), and Kiggins Theatre (located along Main Street) are great places to visit to enjoy a nice night out.

Slocum House Theatre shows modern day musicals; while at Kiggins Theatre, you’ll be able catch renowned second-run movies.

Vancouver’s City Parks

If you’re planning to travel with the family and are looking for family-friendly places to enjoy fun activities, consider visiting one of Vancouver’s city parks.

Three of the largest city parks in Vancouver WA are Leverich Park, David Douglas Park and Arnold Park, though Leverich Park is the most popular out of all of them, as it features a 12-hole disc golf course.

Leverich Park and Arnold Park are located adjacent one another in the downtown area, while David Douglas Park is located in the North Garrison Heights neighborhood (around 25 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver).

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