Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

Wondering about cool countries to visit in Europe?

Things to do in Northern Europe
From the gorgeous beaches in the Algarve and French Riviera, to the medieval towns and beautiful squares in Europe, you'll find plenty of great attractions to visit in Europe. In no particular order, here it's Mytravelguideposts' list of top 10 countries to visit in Europe:


Ireland is located west of the United Kingdom, and it’s a beautiful country that teems with rich traditions and culture heritage such as Ireland's Gaelic language.

When most people think of Ireland they immediately think of three things: the shamrock, green leprechauns and Guinness, which is of course Ireland’s favorite brew of choice.

Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

Besides all of these, Ireland boasts many other great things such as: lovely green countryside, beautiful castles, spectacular cliffs such as the Cliffs of Moher; breathtaking natural scenery such as the famed Ring of Kerry scenic route; and the kissing stone of Blarney Castle.


Sweden is located in northern Europe, in the region of Scandinavia, and it’s probably most famously known for its Swedish meatballs and the 80’s pop group ABBA!

Sweden is on my list of top 10 countries to visit in Europe as it is simply stunning! There are lots of unspoiled wilderness forests, vast lakes and open plains where you can enjoy all year round pursuits like hiking, skating and skiing.

Top 10 countries to visit in Europe
Tourist Attractions in Scandinavia
Besides the lovely outdoors, there are plenty of interesting places to visit  in Sweden and great attractions such as Ale's Stones in Scania, Skansen in Stockholm, and the historic village of Gamla in the city of Uppsala.


Croatia is located in southern Europe, overlooking the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has beautiful coastline, charming pebble beaches, and beautiful vacation spots such as Dubrovnik, Hvar and Pula all of which face the Adriatic Sea.

Top 10 countries to visit in Europe
Best Vacation Spots in Croatia
Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe to enjoy a sailing holiday because of Croatia’s hundreds of islands.


Liechtenstein is the smallest country in Europe and it’s often overlooked by most travelers, and a tad overshadowed by its more neighbours Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Liechtenstein is a gem of a country and one of the top 10 countries to visit in Europe because of its close proximity to the Alps.
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

Liechtenstein also teems with culture and boasts beautiful forest areas, many cultural attractions such as the National Museum and many landmarks such as old castles like Vaduz castle where the Royal family still lives.


Spain is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and visited countries in Europe because of its lovely weather, great beaches and tasty food!

Most people do travel to Spain in search of sun and beaches with places such as Ibiza and Salou being two of the best small beach towns in Spain.

Top 10 countries to visit in Europe
top 10 summer destinations in Spain
There is no doubt that Spain offers great weather and beaches in abundance, but besides these, there are so much more to Spain.

For instance, you have great museums such as the Prado Museum in Madrid; the beautiful La Rambla strip in Barcelona; the Roman Amphitheater in Tarragona; and the stunning Donana National Park in Huelva.


Slovenia is another hidden gem in Europe, and it is bordered by no other than five countries: Italy to the west, Croatia to the south, Hungary to east and Austria to the north.

Slovenia is a popular ski destination and a wonderful country filled with stunning natural attractions and beautiful landscapes. From mountain ranges, thermal hot springs to national parks and caves such as Postojna cave - the longest cave system in Slovenia.
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe
Things to do in Eastern Europe
Another reason why Slovenia is on my list of top 10 countries to visit in Europe is because Slovenia boasts many interesting places to visit such as museums, medieval castles and heritage sites such as Bled Castle, the National Museum and Maribor Cathedral. (see. interesting places to visit in Slovenia)


Andorra, located in the Pyrenees region, is another of the smallest countries in Europe, which doesn’t get much of the spotlight since it’s bordered by its popular neighbors France and Spain
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

I would say that Andorra is one of the best places to enjoy a cheap ski vacation in Europe, as you won’t only get value for money but also fewer crowds than other areas such as the Swiss Alps.


Slovakia is located in central/south Europe, and it’s also bordered by five other countries that include Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic.

Slovakia also boasts a great outdoors, which includes beautiful rolling hills and breathtaking mountain ranges such as the famed Tatras Mountains.
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

If you’re planning an outdoors vacation in Europe and love snapping pictures, the Tatras Mountains are an ideal place to enjoy hiking and walking tours and shoot lots of great pictures.


Luxembourg is the third smallest country in Europe and also bordered by more than one country: Belgium, Germany and France.

A couple of interesting facts about Luxembourg are: 1) the country is one of the richest in Europe; 2) nearly half of Luxembourg is covered by forest.
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe

Despite its size, Luxembourg boasts an impressive amount of cultural attractions that include two world-class museums – MNHA and MNHM, and the stunning Notre-Dame Cathedral.


The archipelago of Malta is located off the coast of Sicily in the southernmost end of Europe, which means glorious weather even during the winter months!
Top 10 countries to visit in Europe
Top 10 Places to Visit in the World
Malta is primarily known as a warm winter destination in Europe to enjoy a beach vacation, though many people are drawn to this wonderful place all year round because of Malta's tourist sites, rich history and archaeological sites such as the Megalithic Temples.

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