Mackinac Island Sites To See

Mackinac Island Sites To See
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Planning a trip this spring or summer to Mackinac Island Michigan?

Mackinac Island is truly one of the most historic sites in the US and, if you’re a history buff, you’ll truly enjoy spending time in Mackinac Island as there are lots of Mackinac Island sites to see and visit.

Having said this, if visiting history sites aren’t your cup of tea, Mackinac Island offers a great opportunity all year long to see wildlife up-close, skiing and hiking; as well as enjoying fun events such as Winter Festival in early February and St Patrick’s Day Weekend in mid March.

No matter when you visit, there is no doubt you’ll enjoy a visit to Mackinac Island, though bear in mind that many of the sites are only open during late spring and summer.

To give you a clear idea, we’ve rounded up a list of all the attractions and historic sites Mackinac Island has to offer, hope you find it useful.

Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Mackinac Island sites to see. As you step inside Fort Mackinac, you’ll feel as if time has not passed at all. You'll find daily live reenactments, cannon and firing demonstrations happening regularly.

You’ll also find in Fort Mackinac plenty of reenactors and tourists dressed in period costumes adding to the historic feel. The Fort also hosts regular interpretive events such as the popular “Ghastly Mackinac” event in May where you can learn about the life of soldiers and people in 1800’s Fort Mackinac.

Besides all the live demonstrations and interesting events, Fort Mackinac boasts over a dozen historic houses, which have been preserved in their original state and are still fully functional.

One such historic house at Fort Mackinac is Biddle House, which is the oldest building in the island.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel (pictured) is a luxurious historic hotel in Mackinac Island, and one of the most popular attractions in the island as the hotel was one of the scene location for the 1980’s movie “Somewhere in Time”.

Grand Hotel is also a popular vacation stay for famous people such as Bill Clinton and Mark Twain, so it’s a very exclusive hotel indeed.

Having said this, you don’t have to be a notable or famous to enjoy a meal and a visit at Grand Hotel. You can book a self-guided tour to visit public areas of Grand Hotel.

Mackinac Art Museum

The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum is housed at the former Indian Dormitory Museum and it’s another of the popular Mackinac Island sites to see and visit.

The Mackinac Art Museum boasts lots of Native American pottery artifacts on display, interactive displays for everyone, and many hands-on activities to keep the little ones busy.

Round Island Lighthouse

Round Island Lighthouse is located on Round Island, which is just a few miles off the coast of Mackinac Island.

The actual lighthouse and grounds on Round Island is closed to the public all year long, though if you’re visiting Round Light in July you’ll get be able to tour the grounds and the lighthouse itself.

Every second Saturday of July, Round Lighthouse is open to the public for the popular annual Open House event.

Mackinac Island Butterfly House‎

Mackinac Island Butterfly House‎ is another popular seasonal attraction in Mackinac Island to visit with the family.

The Butterfly House is only open every summer and it’s a fun place to be to experience the beauty of butterflies, and amazing insects such as giant beetles and spiders.

Michigan Governor's Summer Residence

The Michigan Governor’s summer residence is another of the popular Mackinac Island sites to see and visit.

The residence is also on the National Register of Historic Places and it’s an amazingly beautiful 11-bedroom mansion, which still retains all of the furnishings and fixtures from the time it was built in early 1900's.

The Governor's Summer Residence is open to the public for tours but it’s only open during the summer months, so bear this in mind when traveling to the island.

Mackinac Island Natural Attractions

Arch Rock

Arch Rock is one the most popular and most amazing rock formations to see in Mackinac Island. Arch Rock is located on the southeastern side of the island, just off Lake Shore Drive, on the Lake Huron shoreline.

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen is another breathtaking natural attraction in Mackinac Island worth checking out when visiting, especially if you interested in haunted places, as it's said to be haunted by "evil spirits"!

Point Lookout

Point Lookout is one of the best and most popular vantage points in Mackinac Island where you can enjoy great views of the island, and the intriguing rock formation - Sugar Loaf – which is another popular natural formation that features profile of a face.

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