Fun Things to do in Fargo ND

Planning a trip with family or friends to North Dakota? Wondering about fun things to do in Fargo ND all year round?

Fun Things to do in Fargo ND

If they answer is yes, we have you covered! Fargo is the ‘cultural hub of North Dakota”, and boasts a ton of cultural attractions and plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities in the winter and during the warmer months.

If you’re traveling with the family and are wondering about fun things to do in Fargo with kids, you’ll also be glad to know that Fargo boasts many great attractions where the entire family can have a great time!

Below, we have listed many more fun things to do in Fargo ND:

Recreational Activities

If Fargo is known for one thing it’s for its many public parks, golf courses and recreational areas where you can enjoy fun activities all year around:

Winter Months

If you’re traveling to Fargo during the winter months, one of the most popular things to do in town is snow-related activities such as skiing, sledding and ice skating.

One of the most popular places to enjoy winter fun is at Fargo’s golf courses. During the winter months, Fargo’s golf courses such as Edgewood, Rose Creek and Prairiewood turn into a winter heaven for cross country, sledding and snowshoe skiing opportunities.
Dike West

All of these golf courses are free to enter and charge between $4 and $9 for snowshoes, sleds and ski rentals.
However, if you prefer not to spend a penny, head to Dike West hill in downtown Fargo since it's one of the best sledding hills in town, and the best thing is that sleds are offered free of charge!

If ice-rinks is what you’re after, there three great ice rinks in town where you can enjoy inexpensive ice skating. They include:

- Southwest Youth Ice Arena in Anderson Park
- Sports Arena in South High
- Fargo Coliseum in Northport

If you fancy doing roller skating instead, head to Skateland Skate Center in Westgate, which charges about $5 to get in including rentals.

Summer Months

If you are wondering about fun things to in Fargo ND in the summer with kids or friends, the city boasts many outdoor recreational areas such as Fargo Skate Park where you can enjoy roller blading and skateboarding; and Rheault Farm where you can enjoy picnics and playgrounds.
North Side Swimming Pool

Heading to one of Fargo’s many swimming pools is another great thing to do in Fargo during a hot summer months. For instance, Island Park swimming pool and North Side swimming pool are located in downtown Fargo and are two of the largest pool areas in the city.

Fargo’s parks are also great places to find more recreational opportunities. Places such as Trollwood Park and Oak Grove Park boast free disc golf courses and tennis courts.

Festivals in Fargo

Attending the city’s annual festivals is another of the fun things to do in Fargo ND, and the best thing is that most of these festivals have free admission!

There are many events and festivals in Fargo all year long, though four of must-see events in Fargo that you wouldn't want to miss are:

- Winterfest in February
- Fall Festival in September
- Playground Carnival and the German Folk Festival in late July
- Santa Village during the holiday season.

If you're a sports fan, you don’t want miss the Fargo's Winterfest as it features basketball tournaments and hockey championships.
Things to do in Fargo

The Fall Festival, the Playground Carnival, and Santa Village are three other events worth attending if you're traveling with kids.

The Fall Festival and the Playground Carnival, for instance, boast lots of fun activities for the kiddies such as pumkin decoration contests, face painting and carnival type games.

Cultural Attractions & Entertainment

Besides outdoor pursuits, Fargo also boasts many interesting places where you can enjoy a fun day out.

For instance, Bonanzaville USA in West Fargo is a beautifully recreated pioneer village where you’ll be literary stepping back in time to 1800's Fargo!

If you’re on vacation with the family, visiting the Red River Zoo and the Children's Museum at Yunker Farm are two other fun things to do in Fargo ND.
Things to do in North Dakota

The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm (nearby Hector International Airport) is, without a doubt, one of the best things you can do in Fargo with the little ones since kids will be able to enjoy fun games and attractions such as a ride on a miniature train and a games miniature golf.

Entertainment-wise, the Fargo Civic Center is one of the best places in town to catch regular shows and events, so be sure to check it out when you’re in Fargo!

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