Places to visit in Cagliari

Places to visit in Cagliari
Wondering about places to visit in Cagliari?

Cagliari boasts many great sights and interesting places to visit. See below for the must-see attractions and things to do in Cagliari Sardinia.

Cagliari's old part of town (also known as Castello) is one of the top places to visit in Cagliari as most of the important landmarks in the city are located here such as:

-Pancrazio Tower and Elephant Tower are two of the best vantage points to get amazing views of Cagliari's old town. Pancrazio Tower is located nearby Museum of the Citadel, while Elephant Tower is located nearby the University of Cagliari.

-St Mary's Cathedral (Cagliari Cathedral) on Via (street) del Fossario boasts stunning artworks, 12th century pulpits and the Mausoleum of Martin I of Sicily (pictured).
Cagliari Cathedral

-Bastion of Saint Remy is one of Cagliari's city walls towers, which serves today as an exceptional observation deck where you can get memorable views of the city.
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-The Roman Amphitheatre is one of the top places to visit in Cagliari without a doubt. Cagliari's Amphitheatre is located along Via Sant'Ignazio da Laconi nearby Cappuccini Church.

-Museum of the Citadel is another must-see places in Cagliari and one of the top attractions in town boasting many artifacts on display Roman weapons and pottery items.

-Cagliari's Botanic Garden is located nearby the Roman Amphitheatre, and it's an excellent place to take a relaxing stroll while viewing lovely floral displays.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria is located on Piazza Bonaria and it's one of the most visually stunning churches in Cagliari. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria is also home to a neat museum which boasts lots of old religious and archaeological artifacts.

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