Top 10 Summer Destinations in Spain

Wondering where else to go to in Spain besides Madrid and Barcelona?

There is no doubt that Madrid and Barcelona are two great destinations in Spain to base your vacation. However, besides Madrid and Barcelona, Spain boasts many other great destinations that offer a nice mixture of museums, outdoor attractions, beaches, great cuisine and plenty historic sites in abundance!

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For instance, the Cantabria region in the north and the Andalucía region in the south boasts hundreds of great destinations worthy of inclusion on any list of summer destinations in Spain, so picking just ten won’t be an easy job!

However, after much thought and deliberation with other travelers, Mytravelguideposts team have rounded up what we think are the top 10 summer destinations in Spain to visit this year:


Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region and it’s located on the north coast of Spain overlooking the beautiful waters of Bay of Biscay.
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Santander not only boasts beautiful beaches and beach resorts, but also many cultural attractions and historic sites that you can visit such as the city’s cathedral, a zoo, an archaeology museum, and even a king’s summer retreat house!


Vigo is located in the region of Galicia, which is one of Spain’s top wine regions and one of the most scenic regions of Spain. If you’re a seasoned traveler to Spain, and are looking for a summer vacation spot with a difference, Vigo is the place for you!

Another reason that makes Vigo such a great summer destination in Spain is its close proximity to the stunning Peneda-Geres National Park in northern Portugal.

Andalucía Region

The region of Andalucía is not only one of the largest regions in Spain, but also one of the top 10 summer destinations in Spain. Andalucía boasts:
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- Famous landmarks such as the Giralda in Seville and the Alhambra in Cordoba
- Medieval towns such as the town of Ronda, which is the birthplace of bullfighting
- Festivals such as Huelva Carnival and Flamenco festival in Jerez
- Cultural attractions such as Flamenco bars and wine cellars where you can learn the art of Spanish wine-making.


The small principality of Andorra in northeast Spain isn’t just a great skiing destination in winter, but it’s also one of the best places to vacation in Spain for nature driven travelers.
Top 10 Summer Destinations in Spain

Andorra is really an outdoor’s enthusiast paradise and you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of outdoor pursuits such as hiking up the mountain slopes, mountain biking and even kayaking!

La Manga

The resort town of La Manga is located in Murcia on the southeast corner of Spain, and it’s without a doubt one of the gem destinations in Spain.
Summer Destinations in Spain
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La Manga is a charming and quaint beach resort in Spain which also boasts many tourist amenities such as sailing ports, water rentals, apartment rentals and recreational areas.


Toledo is located south of Madrid and being just 45 minutes away by train from the capital makes Toledo one of the top 10 summer destinations in Spain!
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Besides is close proximity to Madrid, what makes Toledo such a great summer destination is its Moorish, Jewish and Roman heritage which translates today in visually stunning buildings, city walls and castles.

There is no quite a destination in Spain like Toledo where you’ll feel as you’re stepping back in time every corner you turn in the city!


Tarragona may be one of the lesser known cities in Spain, but if you’re looking for a beach vacation in the northeast coast of Spain that won't break the bank, look no further than Tarragona!

Besides the beaches, Tarragona boasts very well preserved Roman ruins, lovely boutique shops and many restaurants.

Tarragona is also located about an hour’s drive south of Barcelona, so if you’re using car rental, you can easily base your vacation in Tarragona and visit Barcelona on day trips.

Canary Islands

Spain’s Canary Islands are simply stunning, and they’re without a doubt one of the top 10 summer destinations in Spain.

If you’ve been to mainland Spain before (and even if you haven’t), the minute you land on the islands, one thing will be for sure, you’ll feel as if you landed on paradise!

Top 10 Destinations in Spain
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From the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, and the beautiful beaches of Tenerife and Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands are truly Spain’s hidden gems!

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