Top 10 Things to do in NYC

Looking for suggestions on things to do in New York City?

Best Beaches in New York
If you’re planning to visit NYC for a short trip or vacation and wondering what else to see and do in NYC besides shopping and going to the movies, you’ll be glad to know that there are many other cool things to do in New York City like visiting popular tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building (ESB) and the Statue of Liberty.

Even, if you’re on a budget and aren’t necessarily looking to visit New York City’s tourist attractions, the best thing about a trip to NYC is that many of the top things to do in NYC are either free or relatively inexpensive.

There are truly hundreds of things to do in the City, so to help you out we’ve rounded up a list of top 10 things to do in NYC, which are fun and kind to the pocket:

Central Park

NYC is one of the top US cities to visit in winter, and a visit to Central Park is one of the most popular and best things you can do when in NYC, especially if you’re looking to do fun activities outdoor.

Central Park boasts playgrounds for kids and many statues and even a castle - Belvedere Castle (pictured) - that you can see and photograph.
Top 10 Things to do in NYC
Fun Places to go in NYC
During the spring and summer months, you can enjoy guided tours of Central Park with a park ranger, or rent a bike to explore Central Park independently.

You can also rent a canoe or paddle boat and enjoy relaxing time by the lake, as well as enjoy free concerts and free outdoor movies in July and August. If you’re visiting Central Park during the winter months, you can also enjoy ice skating in the park’s ice rinks, and even enjoy a bit of cross country skiing.

NYC Tours

Sightseeing is one of the top 10 things to in NYC and what better way to explore New York City and its attractions than on tours.

For instance, if money is no objection, you can take a helicopter tour to enjoy some of the most spectacular panoramic views of NYC.
Things to do in NYC

If you visit NYC in the spring or autumn, you can enjoy walking tours of NYC neighborhoods and visit landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty up-close.

Other popular tours in NYC you can do include a tour of Radio City Music Hall where popular shows such as “So You Think You can Dance” and “The Christmas Spectacular” are held; and a tour of the NBC Studios at the Rockefeller Center to see a behind the scenes of this renowned TV network.

Brooklyn Bridge

Waking across Brooklyn Bridge is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in NYC to take a break from the tourist crowds.
New York city

You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge either side (Brooklyn to Manhattan Island or vice versa), though the walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan Island is the most popular way as it offers memorable views of the Manhattan Skyline.

If you’re planning to walk across Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan Island, be sure to visit the popular Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

Madison Square Garden

Visiting the inside of the world-renown sports arena – Madison Square Garden – is another of the top 10 things to do in NYC.
10 Things to do in NYC

If you’re not planning on watching a concert or sports event, you can always take an all access tour of the Madison Square Garden. (Note. All Access Tour of MSG will be closed throughout 2011 and open in 2012).

Staten Island Ferry

Taking a ride on the Staten Island Ferry is one of the many free things to do in New York City.
Top Things to do in NYC

The Staten Island Ferry is a cool and fast way to get into Manhattan Island by bypassing the tourist crowds the subway brings. You'll be able to take in the beautiful sight of the Manhattan Skyline, the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

NYC Museums/ Landmarks

Visiting New York City’s museums and landmarks is, of course, one of the top 10 things to do in NYC.

One of the top museums to visit in the City is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is one of the top tourist attractions in the US (and free to enter).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as MET, is a great place to find al kinds of amazing art works and see interesting historic exhibits on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

There are, of course, many more NYC museums you can visit and if you love museums, you may also add the American Museum of Natural History and Brooklyn Museum to your list.

There are also many interesting sites and landmarks you can see and visit in NYC such as the Statue of Liberty, Stock Exchange and the Rockefeller Center.

However, don’t miss paying a visit to Manhattan Island to see the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, St. Bartholomew's Church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Federal Hall, Teddy Roosevelt Birthplace and Grant's Tomb.

Roosevelt Island Tram

The Roosevelt Island Tram is a fun way to get from midtown Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, while enjoying panoramic views on the way.
New York

The Roosevelt Island Tram is another inexpensive attraction in NYC that cost next to nothing (around $3 round trip). If you’re wondering where to get it, you can get the Roosevelt Island Tram from Tram Plaza.

New York Botanical Garden/ Bronx Zoo

The New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo are both located on Manhattan Island and are two of the top 10 things to do in NYC with kids.

The New York Botanical Garden is a great place to observe beautiful and exotic plants and take in an orchid show.

The New York Botanical Garden also boasts a Discovery Center with a winter garden where the little ones can enjoy fun activities.

The Bronx Zoo is located just a short drive down the road from the NY Botanical Garden, and it’s a cool place to take the kids to see and pet wildlife.

NYC Shows

Catching a Broadway show is another great thing to do when in NYC, and it isn’t as expensive as you many think.

Broadway shows have a reputation for having an adult theme and being pricey but you’ll be glad to know that there Broadway and Off-Broadway shows to suit all ages, pockets and tastes.
Broadway NYC

For discount tickets, you can find cheap tickets for a NYC Broadway show by standing in line at the TKTS kiosk at Times Square.

(Tip. If you do plan to attend a Broadway show to collect a playbill, wait for the usher before you get seated).
NYC Shows

Besides Broadway shows, there are also TV show tapings that you can attend for free such as the Daily Show and Late Show with David Letterman.

Chinatown and Little Italy

New York City boasts lots of neighborhoods that you can explore and two of the most popular ones to visit are Chinatown and Little Italy.

Visiting Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods are definitely on the list of top 10 things to do in NYC.
Little Italy

You can sample fine cuisine and soak in lots of culture in Chinatown and Little Italy and attend fun events and festivals such as the Chinese New Years Parade in February, and San Gennaro Festival in September.

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