Visiting Okinawa For The First Time

Visiting Okinawa For The First Time
things to do in Okinawa Japan
If you’re visiting Okinawa for the first time, you may be asking yourself when the best time is to visit the Okinawa Islands, where you’ll be arriving and what to expect there. To give you an idea:

Best time to visit Okinawa

Okinawa does get a fair amount of rain all year long, typically from January to September (with the months of April and May being the wettest months), which is when you’ll find cheaper airfare to Okinawa.

There is a dry season in Okinawa which runs between October and December, though if you’re looking to do snorkeling and diving, you’re best bet is to visit Okinawa between June and August.

Arriving & getting around in Okinawa

One of the great things about traveling to Okinawa Island, or Japan for that matter, is that if you travel from regions such as the US and Canada you won’t need a visa if you’re staying in the country less than 90 days.
Visiting Okinawa

Since you won’t have to worry about getting a visa, the other concern is airports and airline carriers.

Naha Airport is the main international airport and the place where you’ll be most likely landing when traveling from oversees.

If you plan to travel to mainland Japan or Hong Kong, you’ll also be able to book and catch a flight from Naha Airport with airlines such as Japan Airlines and Dragonair.

Once you land in Okinawa, you’ll basically have three main modes of transportation: car rental and the Okinawa monorail line, which runs between Naha Airport and Shuri.
First Time in Okinawa

Having said this, car rental is the quicker way to get around in Okinawa since the island boasts toll free highways.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on visiting Okinawa for the first time, you’ll truly fall in love with the place, its slow pace of life, and friendly locals. You’ll thoroughly enjoy all the things to do in Okinawa Japan, the live entertainment, all the great sites, the warm weather, and of course, the beaches!