Best Farmers Markets in the US

Wondering about the best farmers markets in the US

If you’re a budget conscious person, there is no doubt that visiting a farmers market isn’t just a great way to find cheap produce, but other inexpensive local goods that a normal supermarket chain wouldn’t sell.

If you've never been to a farmers market before, you'll be glad to know that farmers markets in the United States aren’t just great places to shop for local goodies, but also great places to take the entire family for a memorable day out, or socialise with friends!

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market in Seattle is not only one of the best farmers markets in the US but also one of the oldest operating in America.

Visiting Pike Place Market is without a doubt one of the fun things to do in Seattle, and besides finding a stunning variety of stalls selling produce such as meats, bagels, spices and cheeses, Pike Place Market is home to the first ever Starbucks Coffee shop opened in the US.
Best Farmers Markets in the US

There are other attractions that make Pike Place Market one of the best farmers market in the country such as the unique street buskers, and the fish market section of Pike Place.

The “Throwing of the Fish” or “Flying Fish” at Pike Place Fish Market is, undoubtedly, one of the top attractions and the reason many people come to visit Pike Place Market in the first place.

The “Throwing of the Fish” is a quite a unique event, and a tradition in its own right since there is no other place where you’ll have a chance to witness fishmongers literary hurling fish to one another!

Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket is another great farmers market in the country, and one of Manhattan's top attractions besides Central Park.

Greenmarket is located on the northwest corner of Union Square Park and opens 4 days a week all year long, though the spring and summer seasons are best time to experience a visit to New York City's Union Square Greenmarket.
Union Square Greenmarket

Union Square Greenmarket also boasts lots of vendors selling traditional farmers goods such as cheeses, vegetables and meats, though the best things about a visit to Union Square Greenmarket is that the market is located near other great New York City attractions such as the Empire State Building, Little Italy, Radio City Music Hall and Central Park.

If you’re traveling to New York this year, be sure to include a visit to Union Square Greenmarket on your list of things to do in NYC.

Dane County Farmers' Market

Dane County Farmers' Market is not only one of the largest but also one of the most beautiful farmers markets in the country, but also one of the best farmers markets in the US that you’ll ever set foot!
Farmers Markets in the US

Dane County Farmers’ Market is held between 8am and 12am in Madison WI every Saturday just outside the stunning Wisconsin State Capitol, though during the cold months the markets is held indoors, which isn’t as great.

Summer time is, no doubt, the best time to visit the Dane County market since it’ll be held outdoors, and the best thing is that you’ll be able to catch Dane County farmers market on Wednesdays too!

Dallas Farmers Market

The city of Dallas boasts a fair amount of great farmers markets that you can visit such as Camden, Newflower and Sprouts, though none is larger and stunning than the Dallas Farmers Market.
Farmers Markets US

Dallas Farmers Market isn’t just a gem of attraction in Dallas Texas but also one of Texas’ many great places to visit where you can spend a fun Sunday afternoon with family or friends sampling yummy foods.

Another reason that makes Dallas Farmers Market one of the best in the country is that it boasts chef’s cooking classes, and hosts many of Dallas’ great annual events such as Pumkin Festival in October, and the Flower Festival in May.

Davis Farmers Market

The state of California alone boasts some of the best farmers markets in the US, and one of the best ones you can visit in California is Davis Farmers Market (which is just 30 minutes drive west of downtown Sacramento).
Davis Farmers Market

The one thing that makes Davis Farmers Market such a great place to visit is its annual events such as the Pig Day, and ‘Picnic in the Park Season’ which runs from early spring and fall every Wednesday.

Pig Day is a cool event to attend to since you get to see cute baby pigs tossing in mud, while at Picnic in the Park Season you get to enjoy lots of live entertainment, sample yummy foods and tasty brews, as well as enjoy fun activities such as rock climbing, face panting and food contests.

Reading Terminal Market

The Reading Terminal Market is one of the oldest operating markets in the US, and one of the top places to visit in Philadelphia hand down!
Reading Terminal Market

Being opened in early 1900’s, the Reading Terminal Market is one of the most historic farmers markets in the USA and truly worth passing by when visiting Philadelphia.

The Reading Terminal Market is open Monday through Saturday, and boasts typical farmers produce like organic meats and poultry, but makes Reading Terminal Market popular are the freshly baked Amish goods.

Your DeKalb Farmers Market

Your DeKalb Farmers Market is located outside of Atlanta, and it’s not only one of the best farmers markets in the US, but also one of the most inexpensive international farmers markets in Georgia.

Your DeKalb Farmers Market is an indoors market that truly boasts something from every corner of the planet such as raw foods, French breads, Greek yogurts and all kind of rare cooking spices.

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