Places to Visit in Natchez MS

Being the oldest settlement in the country, it's not surprise why Natchez is one of the best vacation spots in southern US where you can truly feel as if you stepped back in time of days gone by!

Natchez Visitor’s Center

The Natchez Visitor’s Center is, without a doubt, one of the first places to visit in Natchez MS as it offers a great introduction to the town.

The visitor’s center is located at 640 South Canal St, and you’ll be able to get maps and plan what to do in Natchez, as well as being able to book fun tours such as carriage and antebellum mansion tours.

Natchez Antebellum Mansions

Touring the Antebellum Mansions in Natchez is certainly one of the best things to do in Natchez MS, and the good news is that Natchez boasts a fair amount of antebellum houses open to tourists.
Places to Visit in Natchez MS
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One of the best times to visit Natchez to tour the antebellum houses is during the holiday season and the spring pilgrimage (between mid March and mid April) since many of the privately owned antebellum homes open their doors to the public for tours during these times.

If you’re planning to visit outside of the touring season, you'll be glad to know that you'll still find many antebellum mansions open to the public all year long such as Rosalie Mansion, Stanton Hall, Magnolia House and Longwood.

Every single antebellum house is different and has its own charm and character, though you don’t have to visit all of them to get a chance to embrace the past.
Natchez MS

If you do want to visit a few more houses, it’s best that you book an antebellum mansion tour with Natchez Pilgrim Tours at the visitor’s center to benefit from discounts.

Natchez Riverfront Area

Natchez Riverfront Area is another of the top places to visit in Natchez MS to enjoy nice views of the Mississippi River and Vidalia Riverwalk in the distance.

The Natchez Riverfront Area is also home to casino riverboats such as Isle of Capri Casino, which is also a hotel.

Natchez Farmers Market

If you’re visiting during the weekend, another of the places to visit in Natchez MS is the town’s Saturday farmers market, which is located at 199 Catherine St near Forks of the Road.

Besides being able to buy local produce, Natchez farmers market is a great place for souvenir shopping since many vendors sell inexpensive handmade arts and crafts.

Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

Grand Village of the Natchez Indians is located nearby Trace Town shopping center and Natchez community hospital, and it’s one of the few things you can do in Natchez for free.
tourist attractions in Natchez MS

The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians site boasts replicas of the dwellings used by the Natchez tribe that lived in the area, as well as an interesting museum that has artifacts on display such as pottery items.

Natchez State Park

Natchez State Park is one of the best places to visit in Natchez if you’d like to enjoy fun recreational activities such as fishing and picnicking.
Natchez state park MS

Natchez state park also boasts space for tent camping as well as cabin rentals, which make Natchez state park a great location to base a vacation in Natchez.

Natchez state park is located round 30 minutes drive east of downtown Natchez, though it can easily be reached when driving along Natchez Trace Parkway.

Natchez Museum of African-American History

If you’re a history buff looking to know more about Natchez history, you’ll want to add the Natchez Museum of African-American History to your list of top places to visit in Natchez MS.

The museum boasts lots of visuals such as old photographs and newspapers which will give you another dimension to African-American history that you won't find anywhere else in the country.
Old South Winery

If you enjoy visiting wineries, the Old South Winery is another fun place that you can add on your list of places to visit in Natchez MS since you’ll get a chance to sample the famed muscadine wine.

Jefferson College

Jefferson College is one of Natchez’s top historic places and another of the best places to visit in Natchez MS hands down!

Historic Jefferson College is located in the small town of Washington, just off Natchez Trace Parkway road, and if you’re visiting Natchez state park, Jefferson College is located on the way , so you can quickly pass by the college to enjoy a tour of the living quarters of this former military school.

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