Places to Visit in Butte MT

Planning a visit to the historic mining city of Butte?

Places to Visit in Butte MT

Butte is without a doubt, one of the best kept secrets in Montana, and visiting the city on a weekend trip is one of the popular things to do in Southwestern Montana. Below, we've rounded up a nice list of Butte's top attractions:

Butte Visitor’s Center

First on our list of places to visit in Butte MT is Butte Visitor’s Center since it's a great introduction to the city.

From Butte Visitor’s Center you'll be able to grab free brochures and maps, as well as book trolley rides and a guided walking tours of Butte's historic district.

You’ll also be able to check cool exhibits at Butte Visitor’s Center, and talk to the people there for a quick load down on Butte, so be sure to past by when visiting Butte!

Copper King Mansion

Copper King Mansion is one of the best places to visit in Butte MT to get a good idea how the wealthy lived back then.Copper King Mansion is visually stunning to look at, and it’s even more beautiful when you step inside.
Butte MT

Copper King Mansion has been turned into a B&B, though the owners offer guided tours of the mansion for around $7.

World Museum of Mining

The World Museum of Mining is another of the top attractions and places to visit in Butte MT where you can learn about Butte’s mining history.

The World Museum of Mining is located next door to Soccer/ Intramural Field, and boasts lots of interesting mining artifacts on display such as old mining equipment, mine headframes, and a hoist house, as well as a nice reproduction of a 1900’s mining town complete with a bank, jail, school and general store.
World Museum of Mining Butte MT

Besides seeing cool mining artifacts and walking through the replica mining town, the highlight of a visit to the World Museum of Mining is the underground mine tour, which takes you into the actual mine 70ft below the ground!

Mineral Museum

The Mineral Museum is located in Montana Tech on the University of Montana campus, and it’s another of the coolest places to visit in Butte MT.

The Mineral Museum is an educational place where you can take the kids to see interesting old mineral rocks extracted from Butte’s mines.

Piccadilly Museum of Transportation

If you want to see more interesting artifacts on display, the Piccadilly Museum of Transportation is another cool place to past by, especially since admission is free.

Piccadilly Museum of Transportation boasts lots of vintage items and cool memorabilia like license plates, subway signs and vintage 50’s cars.

Butte Uptown District

If you’re looking to enjoy independent walking tours of Butte, the historic Uptown district is one of the most popular places to visit in Butte MT for this.

Butte Uptown District spans along Main Street which is where Butte annual St Patrick’s Day parade celebration takes place.
Butte Uptown District MT

Most historic buildings and attractions in Butte such as grand mansions and Victorian homes area also located within Butte Uptown District.

Butte Uptown District is also the entertainment and shopping hub in Butte, and you’ll find here many boutique shops, art galleries, restaurants and bars such as the popular Silver Dollar Saloon, which is one of the most popular places in Butte to catch live music.

Mai Wah Museum

Mai Wah Museum is another neat attraction in town worth adding to your list of places to visit in Butte MT.

The Mai Wah Museum is located nearby the Silver Dollar Saloon, and it’s a great place where you can see cool exhibits and learn about the experience of Chinese settlers in early 1900’s Butte.

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