Places to Visit in Durango Colorado

Places to Visit in Durango Colorado
Sights to see in Colorado
Wondering what to see and do in Durango Colorado?

Whether you plan to be in Durango for a week-long vacation or weekend trip, the town of Durango is an excellent place to spend an enjoyable time! See below for top attractions and must-see places in Durango:

D& S Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum‎

The D& S Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum is without a doubt, one of the top places to visit in Durango Colorado, especially if you’re a train enthusiast.

The D& S Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum is free to enter and boasts lots of exhibits and artifacts on display such as scale model railroads, photographs and railroad history books, as well as steam engines and vintage cars which you can hop onboard to explore.

In fact, if you’ve always wanted to enjoy a ride on a 1900’s steam engine, you can book a ride on a steam train at the D& S Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, which runs between Durango and the town of Silverton.
Durango Colorado

Visiting the town of Silverton is a undoubtedly, one of the top things to do in Southwest Colorado since Silverton is one of the best-preserved examples of an 1800’s western mining town.

Having said this, taking the steam train ride isn’t the only way to get to Silverton. If you don’t fancy doing the steam train ride with the museum, the drive to Silverton is quite scenic and enjoyable (Durango is just under an hour’s drive north along US Route-550 which passes through the heart of the San Juan National Forest).

Animas Museum‎

The Animas Museum‎ is another great attraction that you must to your list of places to visit in Durango Colorado.

The beauty of a visit to the Animas Museum is that you get to tour the former 1900’s Animas school building, which has now been restored back to its former glory.

The inside of the school building has been beautifully restored and filled with all kinds of artifacts like old photos, Victorian fashion clothes, old firefighting equipment, and Native American pottery and beadwork.

You also get to tour the classroom which is complete with old desks and chairs, which really gives you an idea of what typical classroom would’ve looked back in the early 20th century.

Steamworks Brewing

If you love your beer and fancy taking a brewery tour while in downtown Durango, Steamworks Brewing is one of the best places in town where you can do this. You’ll be able to taste and sample a wide range of lagers and ales, and learn how their brew masters make their beer.

Durango Arts Center‎

Durango Arts Center is another of the top places to visit in Durango Colorado, especially if you’re a fan of art.

The arts center boasts regular art events and many exhibits on display, as well as cool workshops such as Japanese papermaking.

Besides seeing art and attending arts events such as the Autumn Arts Festival, you can also enjoy nightly theater performances and musicals, so be sure to check what’s on in Durango Arts Center‎ when in town!

By the way, Durango Arts Center is also located in downtown Durango, right opposite Steamworks Brewing Company.

Chapman Hill Ski Area & Ice Rink

If you’re looking for fun and inexpensive things to do in Durango during the winter, be sure to add Chapman Hill Ski Area to your list of places to visit in Durango Colorado.
Chapman hill ice rink Durango Colorado

You’ll be able to enjoy downhill skiing for around $10, as well as ice skating and ice hockey at the ice rink where you’ll be able to rent skates for $4.

Community Concert Hall

If you’re wondering about more entertainment options in Durango, the Community Concert Hall in Fort Lewis College campus is another great attraction to add to your list of fun places to visit in Durango Colorado.

You’ll be able to catch performing arts events such as ballet, concerts, musicals and dance performances, so be sure to check what’s on at the Community Concert Hall when in town!

Perins Peak State Wildlife Area

If you love nature and would love to enjoy fun outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding and wildlife watching opportunities not far from Durango, Perins Peak State Wildlife Area is a good place for this, and the best thing is that Perins Peak State Wildlife Area is just 10 minutes drive from downtown Durango.

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