Places to Visit in Gettysburg PA

First on our list of places to visit in Gettysburg PA, it’s the beautiful Gettysburg National Military Park, which is one of the most important American Civil War battle sites.

If you’re a history buff wanting to learn about American history, you’ll love spending time in Gettysburg Military Park learning about the different battles that took place there.
Places to Visit in Gettysburg PA
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The Gettysburg Military Park boasts a lovely visitor’s center and museum with informative exhibits and videos about the park’s points of interest such as Cemetery Ridge, Devil’s Den and Little Round Top where you can see the statue of General Warren overlooking the battle site.

After visiting visitor’s center and museum, you then get to explore the main sites of the battlefields on a guided or self guided tour.
Gettysburg Park in Gettysburg PA

Besides exploring the visitor’s center and taking a tour of the park, Gettysburg Military Park organizes regular events and ranger programs such as ranger-led walks through the battlefields and evening campfire programs throughout the summer.

Gettysburg Military Park also hosts regular live events and the civil war battlefield re-enactment in early July.

As you can see, there are lots to see and do in Gettysburg Military Park that you can easily spend half-day here so, be sure to visit the park first, especially if you’re visiting Gettysburg on a day trip from Philadelphia or Washington DC.

Eisenhower National Historic Site

If you aren’t pushed for time, another attraction worth checking out in Gettysburg Military Park is Eisenhower National Historic Site which is located a few miles south of Gettysburg Military Park visitor’s center.

You can take the shuttle bus from the center to get to Eisenhower National Historic Site and explore the former house and farm of US President Dwight Eisenhower. (see interesting places to visit in Pennsylvania).

American Civil War Museum

The American Civil War Museum is another excellent place to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg and American civil war battles through life-sized dioramas.

Gettysburg Tour Center

If you’re visiting Gettysburg for a short time and want to make the most of your visit in Gettysburg, one of the best places to visit in Gettysburg PA is Gettysburg Tour Center.

Gettysburg Tour Center is located opposite the Hall of Presidents Museum, and offers city tours of Gettysburg on open-air buses, which last around 2 hours and cost around $26.

Hall of Presidents Museum

The Hall of Presidents is one of the most beloved attractions in Gettysburg and another attraction worth adding to your list of places to visit in Gettysburg PA

The Hall of Presidents museum is a wax museum with different rooms where you can see replicas of all US Presidents and the First Ladies, and learn about each president and their time in office through visuals and audio files.

Ghost Related Attractions

Gettysburg boasts a fair number of ghost related attractions where you can also enjoy ghost tours. They include:

-Jennie Wade House: is one of the popular places to visit in Gettysburg PA for ghost tours as it’s said to be haunted by the ghost of Jennie Wade who died in the house from a stray bullet during the Battle of Gettysburg.

In fact, the Jennie Wade House has been kept in its original state so you can still see bullet holes on the front door. You can book a tour of the house during the day or a ghost tour at night and explore the cellar where the ghostly apparitions are said to take place.

-Ghosts of Gettysburg Company: is another place where you can book walking candlelight ghost tours of Gettysburg Old Town for around $10.

-International Museum of Spiritual Investigations: is another ghost related attraction in Gettysburg worth passing by if you’re a fan of paranormal activities. You’ll be able to see video recordings of spirits and listen to EPV voice recordings of ghosts.

Rupp House History Center

If you’d like to see more civil war related memorabilia, the Rupp House History Center (opposite Brickhouse Inn B&B) boasts lots of civil war artifacts on display such as uniforms, rifles, kitchen utensils, paintings and many more items.
Rupp House in Gettysburg PA

Rupp House also offers educational and living history programs throughout the year where you can learn about personal stories and accounts of live in Gettysburg during the American civil war.

Explore & More

If you’re traveling with the family and are wondering about attractions geared towards small kids, be sure to add Explore & More to your list of places to visit in Gettysburg PA.

Explore & More costs around $6 and boasts playing areas and different rooms with fun exhibits and hands-on activities for the little ones to enjoy.

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