Places to Visit in Syracuse NY

Looking for interesting places and fun attractions to visit in Syracuse?

Places to Visit in Syracuse NY
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Whether you travel in winter or summer through the region, a visit to Syracuse is undoubtedly, one of the top things to do in Upstate New York, and the city is after New York City, the second most visited city in New York State! Below is round up of must-see places that you can't afford to miss while in Syracuse New York:

Museum of Science & Technology (MOST)

If you’re traveling with family or friends, the Museum of Science & Technology is one of the must-see attractions to add to the top of your list of places to visit in Syracuse NY. There are loads to see and do at the MOST such as climbing into the cockpit of an F16 fighter plane simulator, and walking through a human heart, which is an amazing giant replica exhibit of the human heart.

There is also a interactive play-areas for the little ones, and science programs such as as optical illusions demonstrations, well as an IMAX Theatre and Planetarium where you can catch interesting 3D shows on the solar system.

Erie Canal Museum

The Erie Canal Museum is a interesting place where you can spend a nice afternoon seeing artifacts on display from the days of the Erie Canal.
Erie Canal in Syracuse NY

The museum is free to enter, and it’s located not far from Syracuse City Hall, and it’s a great place to learn about the Erie Canal through interesting exhibits such as the boat exhibit, which is restored packed boat which features cool artifacts on displays such as kitchen pots and bunked beds.

The Erie Canal Museum also boasts various rooms with more interesting exhibits such as scaled-down packed boats and a hair wreath, as well as real life replica of a tavern and theatre from the Erie Canal days.

Everson Museum of Art-Syracuse

The Everson Museum of Art-Syracuse is another interesting downtown attraction worth adding to your itinerary of places to visit in Syracuse NY.

If you’re interested in American art, the Everson Museum of Art-Syracuse boasts a permanent collection with thousands of objects and artifacts on display such as 19th-20th century paintings, as well as American ceramics and a photograph collection depicting times of the post WWII era.

Syracuse Parks

A visit to Syracuse wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a stroll in one of the city’s parks such as Thornden Park, Kirk Park and Onondaga Park.

Having said this, one of the most must-see parks in Syracuse is the Onondaga Lake Park, which is about 10 minutes drive from downtown Syracuse.
Onondaga Park in Syracuse NY

Onondaga Lake Park is one of the top attractions in Syracuse, and one of the most popular places to visit in New York State to enjoy recreational pursuits.

Onondaga Lake Park is huge and boasts lots of paved trails for cycling and roller-blading, a skate park, playing areas for kids and rental facilities where you’ll be able to rent things like skates, bikes, boats and free amtrykes.

The Salt Museum is also located in Onondaga Lake Park, nearby the town of Liverpool NY (on the eastern side of the lake), and it’s worth passing by to see the actual salt warehouse where salt was processed in the 1900’s.

Clinton Square

If you’re traveling to Syracuse this summer, another of the top places to visit in Syracuse NY is Clinton Square, which is located in the heart of the historic downtown area.
Clinton Square in Syracuse NY

During the winter months Clinton Square is a popular ice-skating rink, as well as a popular outdoor venue during the summer and fall months since many of the city’s top festivals and events take place there. For instance:

-the NYS Blues Festival takes place for three days on Clinton Square between the 8th and 10th of July.

-the Empire State Brewing and Music Festival (BrewFest) also takes place on the 16th of July.

-the Syracuse Irish Festival on the 11th of September, and Oktoberfest on the 25th of September.

Carousel Center

Carousel Center is the biggest shopping mall in Syracuse and a popular place to spend a day out with the family.
Carousel Center in Syracuse NY

Carousel Center is located in Lakefront neighborhood and boasts hundreds of stores, restaurants as well as a cinema and a cyber station.

Alliance Bank Stadium

If you’re a sports enthusiast, and would like to see the local baseball team – Syracuse Chiefs – play, be sure to add the Alliance Bank Stadium to your list of places to visit in Syracuse NY.

The stadium is also known as the MacArthur Stadium, and it’s located a short drive north from the Carousel Center.

Open Hand Theatre

If you’re looking for more places to visit in Syracuse NY with kids, the Open Hand Theatre is another fun place to visit!

The Open Hand Theatre is located north of the downtown area, just past the St Josephs Hospital Health Center, and it’s a popular spot for local kids where they get to interact with other kids through performing arts and educational workshops.

If you aren't interested in the workshops, the Open Hand Theatre is a still worth a visit since the theatre boasts a cool museum where you’ll be able to check out cool exhibits on masks from around the world such as African masks, as well as Asian puppet collections like shadow puppets and marionettes.

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