Things to do in summer in Utah

Looking for things to do in summer in Utah?

Utah is undoubtedly, one of the best vacation spots in western US to enjoy a skiing vacation, outdoor pursuits and water-based activities such as swimming and boating, though if you’re a fun of water sports, one of the best things to do in summer in Utah is taking whitewater rafting and kayaking trips along Utah’s rivers!

We’ve rounded up below a list of some of the best and fun things to do in Utah over the summer months. Enjoy!

Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

Utah boasts three main rivers such as the Colorado and San Juan rivers great for rafting and kayaking, though Utah’s Green River will have to be one of the best places in Utah for enjoying rafting and kayaking trips, since the sections along the Green River are suitable for all experience levels.
Things to do in summer in Utah

Two of the easiest sections along the Green River suitable for kids and beginners level are Desolation Canyon and Green River Daily. The latter one boasting an eight-mile stretch with mild rapids (class I/II) great for a pleasant rafting trip with the family.

Desolation Canyon section also boasts mild rapids similar to the ones on Green River Daily, though this section of the Green River is much longer at over 80 miles long, and offers better scenery along the way such as abandoned ruins.

If you’re an experience rafter, or prefer to enjoy slightly more challenging rapids, the Colorado River is the best rafting spot for a thrilling water experience!

There are many great sections to choose from along the Colorado River, though Westwater Canyon and Cataract Canyon are two of the best.
whitewater rafting in summer in Utah

Westwater Canyon section is over 15 miles long with class rapids between III and IV and stunning black-rock canyon walls; while Cataract Canyon is the most popular stretch along the Colorado River as it offers the chance to explore ancient dwellings and rock art.

Cataract Canyon also boasts fast rapids (class III-VI), and notorious big drops similar to the ones in the Grand Canyon, which is why Cataract Canyon is so popular!

Boating & Fishing

Boating and fishing are two other popular things to do in summer in Utah, and with so many lakes and reservoirs to choose from, you’re almost spoiled for choice!
boating in summer in Utah

If you’re a serious boater, and want to find a ton of facilities and boat rentals, two of the best boating lakes in Utah are Lake Powell reservoir and Flaming Gorge reservoir.

Lake Powell is located within the Glen Canyon recreation area (southern Utah); while Flaming Gorge is located within Ashley National Forest (northeast Utah).

Both Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge are huge reservoirs and are great for boating trips, and enjoying water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, fishing, water skiing and speed boating.
fishing in summer in Utah

As you can imagine, Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge draw huge crowds during the summer months. Therefore, if you prefer alternative spots for a boating or fishing vacation, there are other spots to choose from such as Utah Lake (a short drive south from Salt Lake City), Yuba Dam, and Sand Hollow Reservoir (nearby St George Utah)

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Mountain biking and hiking are without a doubt, two of the most popular outdoor pursuits in Utah, and two of the best things to do in summer in Utah hands down!
hiking in summer in Utah

During the winter, Utah is undoubtedly, one of the top places to ski the US, though in the summer months Utah ski resorts offer some of the best trails to enjoy mountain biking.

There are many mountain biking opportunities nearby Salt Lake City (SLC) such as Deer Valley ski resort, Albion Basin and Park City Mountain Resort, though Moab is probably home to one of the best mountain biking trails in Utah – Slickrock Trail.

Hiking opportunities are also plentiful in Utah with great hiking spots to choose from such as Zion National Park, Canyonlands National Park and along the Escalante River in Glen Canyon recreation area.
mountain biking in summer in Utah

Having said this, Zion National Park is one of the best hiking spots in Utah as it boasts many easy scenic trails such as the Narrows Trail and Emerald Pools Trail, which offer beautiful waterfall views.

Off-Road Tours

Taking an off-road tour of some kind is another of the top things to do in summer in Utah. See, besides hiking and mountain biking through Utah slopes and national forest, Utah’s countryside also boasts amazing terrain for enjoying off-road pursuits on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or 4x4.

Whether you have your own off-roader, or plan to book an ATV or Hummer tour, the southeastern side of Utah is one of the best places in Utah for the offroad experience, particularly in the Moab and Canyonlands area because of the great sandstone terrain.
off-road rours in summer in Utah

A typical off-road experience lasts around 2 hours and costs anything in the region of $100 up-wards, though there are loads of companies offering different prices and experiences such as Jeep rental and off-road tours on buggies or hummers in the Moab and Canyonlands area.

A few companies worth mentioning include Moab Tour Company, Highpoint Hummer Tours and Moab Adventure Center.

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