Northern California Beaches

Northern California Beaches may not be as popular as southern California beaches, though northern California still boasts some good beaches that are dog-friendly, great for camping and ideal for family with kids. They are as follows:

Marin County Beaches

If you’re looking for beaches in NorCal that are great for dogs and families, you’ll be glad to know that Marin County is home to some of the few northern California beaches that allow dogs.
Northern California Beaches
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Marin boasts over a dozen of beaches that are mostly dog-friendly such as:

-Kehoe Beach (in Point Reyes National Seashore)
-Limantour Beach (in Point Reyes National Seashore)
-Muir Beach (near Mount Tamalpais State Park)
-Red Rock Beach (in Mount Tamalpais State Park)
-Stinson Beach (in Mount Tamalpais State Park)
-Rodeo Beach (in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area)
-China Camp State Park (in Santa Venetia)

The great thing about all the beaches in Marin County is that they're mostly located within recreational areas, so they offer plenty of camping and outdoor opportunities. One such beach is China Camp state park which is one of the best places to Camp in Northern California.

If you’re traveling with kids, Kehoe Beach and Rodeo Beach are probably two of the best dog-friendly beaches for families, particularly Kehoe Beach which boasts a lovely sandy beach ideal for beachcombing.

Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is located in Monterey Bay and it’s without a doubt one of the warmest and most popular northern California beaches to visit with kids as it boasts a mile-long sandy beach.
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Besides spending time at the beach, there are lots to do in Santa Cruz Beach such as seeing the sea-lions and visiting the boardwalk attractions such as Casino Arcade, Neptune’s Kingdom amusement park, and Fright Walk.

Coyote Point Beach

Coyote Point Beach is one of the best northern California beaches to visit with the family as it is located within the Coyote Point Recreation Area, which is home to the CuriOdyssey science and nature museum.

Coyote recreation area also boasts lots of picnicking and playing areas such as Magic Mountain Playground which boasts cool slides, swings and balance beams.

Another great thing about Coyote recreation area is that it’s a great location to enjoy and learn water sports. By the way, the recreation area also has a wind-surfing and kite-boarding school if you want to take up some classes.

San Francisco Beaches

If you’re looking for a beach vacation spot not far from city attractions, there is no doubt that San Francisco beaches are some of the most popular northern California beaches.
There are many San Francisco beaches worth mentioning though Ocean Beach and Baker Beach have to be two of the best beaches in the Bay Area.
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Ocean Beach is a popular surfing located 20 minutes drive from downtown San Francisco; while Baker Beach is a popular swimming beach that offers nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States.

Gold Bluffs Beach

Gold Bluffs Beach is without a doubt, one of the best northern California beaches for camping as it’s located near the gold bluffs beach campground, which is located on beautiful 9-mile stretch of golden sand beach.
There are certainly many beach camping spots along the coast of northern California, but if you’re a wildlife enthusiast you’ll definitely want to head to Gold Bluffs Beach.
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Gold Bluffs Beach is located within the Prairie Creek Redwood State Park which is renowned for boasting wildlife such as coyote, mountain lions, and elks.

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