Places to Visit in Muskegon MI

Whether you are planning a summer vacation in Muskegon or a day trip from Milwaukee, you will be glad to know that there is more to Muskegon than meets the eye. Below it’s a list of must see places in Muskegon Michigan:

Michigan's Adventure

If you’re traveling to Muskegon this summer, you’ll find that Michigan's Adventure is one of the most popular places to visit in Muskegon MI.
Places to Visit in Muskegon MI
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Michigan's Adventure is located about 20 minutes drive north of Muskegon and it’s certainly one of the most popular theme parks in Michigan to bring the family as the park boasts cool roller coasters and water rides for younger kids.

Muskegon Museum of Art

The Muskegon Museum of Art is located right in town as it’s one of the best places to visit in Muskegon MI to see interesting art collections on display.
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The museum boasts a permanent collection of artworks depicting American life, as well as changing exhibitions such as “The Art of Pinball” which is the current exhibition at the museum which features 1990’s pinball machines on display.

It’s also worth noting that the Muskegon Museum of Art is home to family events and festivals throughout the month of November such as the Festival of Trees on November 18th, Santa’s Corner on November 20th and the Teddy Bear Parade on November 27th.

Muskegon Theaters

If you’re looking for places in Muskegon MI where you can catch a live show, you’ll be glad to know that Muskegon boasts a handful of great theatres such as Frauenthal Theater and the Beardsley Theater which are located right in town.
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Frauenthal Theater will also be showing the Hairspray Broadway musical on various dates throughout the month of October of this year; while the Beardsley Theater will be showing the drama “Doubt” (throughout November and December), and “Lend Me a Tenor” in February and March of 2012.

Great Lakes Naval Memorial Museum

Great Lakes Naval Memorial Museum is another cool family attraction that you’d want to add to your list of places to visit in Muskegon MI.
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The Naval Museum boasts interactive exhibits on display such as a submarine’s periscope and control room, as well as a movie-theater where you can watch a short movie about the US Navy during WWII.

Besides the museum exhibits, the museum offers a guided tour of the restored submarine which will allow to explore the interior compartments below deck.

Hackley & Hume Historic Site

Hackley & Hume Site is without a doubt, one of the top places to visit in Muskegon MI for history buffs as the Historic Site is home to the oldest landmarks in the city.

The Fire Barn, Scolnik House, and Hackley & Hume houses all retain most of their original furnishings which gives a good idea of how people lived during Victorian times.

By the way, you can tour the Hackley & Hume Historic Site between May and October, though be sure to schedule a tour of the site at least two weeks in advance to guarantee a spot on the guided tour.

Muskegon State Park

Muskegon State Park is definitely one of the most popular places to visit in Muskegon MI for a camping trip with the family.
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The park boasts a camping area which is located right on the shores of Lake Michigan which is great great if you’re looking for a inexpensive beach vacation. Besides the beach, the park also offers great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife spotting.

Milwaukee Clipper

The Milwaukee Clipper is another popular attraction in town worth adding to your list of places to visit in Muskegon MI as you’re allowed to board this amazing 1920’s Great Lakes passenger liner.

You’re allowed to walk freely aboard the ship and get a chance to see up-close the pilothouse, the cafeteria, and the engine room.

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