Must see places in Eastern Europe

Wondering what to visit in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe boasts so many fantastic attractions and interesting historic sites that it's hard not mention them all. After thinking long and hard about all the top places in Eastern Europe, I've come up with the following list of must-sees:

Hagia Sophia Museum

The popular Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul Turkey is one of the must see places in Eastern Europe as it is truly an ancient architectural wonder that is guaranteed to take your breath away the minute you lay eyes on it!
Must see places in Eastern Europe
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The Hagia Sophia does indeed provide an excellent photo opportunity, but if you’re a bit of a history buff you will love seeing the cool fusion of christian and Arab worlds, and learning about this breathtaking site that was once a church and later converted into a mosque.

Oskar Schindler's Factory

The Schindler's Factory in Krakow is one of the most popular places to see in Poland, and it’s certainly one of the must see places in Eastern Europe.
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If you’ve seen the movie - Schindler's List – and found it interesting and moving, you’ll no doubt find interesting the exhibits and movies at the Oskar Schindler's Factory. You’ll also learn about life in Nazi-occupied Poland and how polish and Jewish people had to live fearing persecution on a daily basis.

House of Terror

The House of Terror in Budapest Hungary is another attraction that I have to add to the list of must see places in Eastern Europe.

The House of Terror is both a fascinating and sombering place with moving photographic and video displays on Hungarian horrors during the Nazi and soviet occupations, and atrocities committed during World War II in general. Truth be told, the House of Terror isn’t for everyone but if you’re interested in horror stuff you’ll more than enjoy a visit there!


The Kalemegdan is no doubt, a beautiful spot in Serbia and located in the stunning city of Belgrade, which is another of the must see places in Eastern Europe.
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The Kalemegdan fortress boasts beautiful grounds, a few churches, towers, and it’s one of the best spots in the city for enjoying lovely views of the Sava-Danube River and Belgrade. The fortress also boasts a park, and a fantastic military museum where you can see a variety of WW II tanks and armored vehicles on display.

Dubrovnik Ancient City Walls

The Ancient City Walls in Dubrovnik Croatia is another of the must see places in Eastern Europe since you get to walk along medieval walls. From the top of the Dubrovnik old city walls you are treated so some of the most magnificent vistas out to the ocean and the rest of the city!
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You can see the beautiful Dubrovnik Old Harbor, and the old town and take lots of beautiful pictures along the way.

Moscow Kremlin

If you’ve seen pictures of the Kremlin and thought it was beautiful, wait until you see the Kremlin up-close! The Kremlin in Moscow is truly a gem of a place and one of the world’s architectural wonders.

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The museum inside the Kremlin site is also a sight to behold as it features and amazing armory chamber, and some of the most beautiful objects you’ll ever see on display such as the jewels and treasures of the Tsars.

Tallinn Old Town

Eastern Europe is known for its medieval castles and cobblestone streets, as well as beautiful architecture, and Tallinn Old Town has to be one of the top tourist sites in Estonia.
Interesting places to visit in Estonia
Tallinn Old Town is definitely one of the must see places in Eastern Europe to appreciate medieval life how it would have been back then. Also, since the old town is uncommercialized like other European medieval towns you won’t get huge crowds, which allows Tallinn Old Town to maintain its authentic medieval atmosphere!

Palace of Parliament

Another of the must see places in Eastern Europe has to be the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest Romania. It is said to be the largest parliament building in the world, and it certainly seems the case when viewing it up-close.

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Besides the photo opportunity, you can tour the inside of the Palace of Parliament and explore the huge corridors and lavish marble rooms and gorgeous light fittings. The Palace of Parliament is easily one of the grandest palaces you’ll visit in the region so, it’s definitely worth including in the list.

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