Spain’s Top Tourist Sites

Spain’s Top Tourist Sites
Top 10 Things to See in Galicia
Cathedral of Santiago, Santiago de Compostela

The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia is one of the oldest churches in Europe and certainly one of Spain’s top tourist sites to visit.

The Cathedral of Santiago is simply breathtaking inside and out, and one of the world’s architectural wonders. The cathedral boasts an impressive façade with a grand and lavish interior, as well as a neat museum where you can see interesting artifacts on display such as tapestry works, ceramics, paintings and more.

Alhambra Palace, Granada

The Alhambra Palace is another stunning Spanish building located in Andalucia that you can’t miss visiting!
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Europe
The Alhambra Palace is a huge place and it’s definitely one of Spain’s top tourist sites as it offers lots to see like courtyards, gardens, the palaces and the main tower which offers lovely views of the city of Granada.

Cibeles Square (Plaza de Cibeles), Madrid

Plaza de Cibeles is not only one of Spain’s top tourist sites, but also one of the most popular destinations in the capital Madrid. Plaza de Cibeles is no doubt the most iconic landmark in Madrid as it’s the traditional spot where Real Madrid football fans celebrate their team victories.
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Plaza Cibeles also offers a nice photo opportunity of the renowned goddess Cibeles sculpture on a Roman chariot.

Seville Cathedral, Seville

Seville Cathedral is another impressive landmark located in Andalucia that we have to add to the list of Spain’s top tourist sites. Seville Cathedral is certainly the center piece attraction in the city of Seville which isn’t surprising since it’s one of the largest and most visually stunning cathedrals in the world.
Inside Seville Cathedral you’ll find the tomb of Christopher Columbus, Pierre Dancart's altar piece, and beautiful ancient relics. There is also a climbable bell tower (La Giralda Tower) that offers lovely views of central Seville.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum is another of Spain’s top tourist sites that you must add to your itinerary. Guggenheim Museum is located in the northern coast of Spain (just miles from the border with France) and it’s truly one of the most unique buildings you’ll ever photograph! The museum boasts an eye-catching design with futuristic panels that change color with the weather.

Exhibitions-wise, the Guggenheim Museum also boasts plenty of cool exhibitions on display such as the famous Spider Maman bronze sculpture.

Old Town of Avila

The Old Town of Avila is a World Heritage Site and one of Spain’s top tourist sites. The old town is said to boast the best preserved medieval city walls in Spain, and one of the most beautiful medieval walls in Europe.

You can walk on the city walls, though the best way to appreciate them is by walking along them on the ground.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Torla

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is one of the best places to go to in the country to get a true taste of Spain’s beautiful outdoors, and enjoy fun pursuits like hiking, climbing and bird-spotting.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido is located right in the Pyrenees (roughly between Pamplona and Andorra), and it’s without question one of Spain’s top tourist sites as it boasts breathtaking mountain trails that offer stunning scenic views.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, El Escorial

El Escorial is another of Spain’s top tourist sites and the best thing is that it’s only 45 minutes away from the capital city of Madrid. San Lorenzo de El Escorial is definitely one of the must see attractions in Spain as it houses the mausoleum where all the Spanish queens and kings are buried.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial is also a one of the best places in Spain to learn about Spanish history and art so, if you’re a history buff you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the guided tour offered in this historic landmark.

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